Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Difference Between Romance Confidence and General Confidence

General confidence vs romance confidence, is there a difference?
Yep there is. The difference is, one requires positive/ healthy self concept, in general and the other requires believing that you are worthy of being had and believing that you're a catch.

Many people have high self esteem and low romance esteem, while others have high romance esteem and low self esteem. One can also have a combination of both, low self esteem and low romance esteem or high self esteem and high romance esteem. I'm here to talk about people with low romance esteem. When you have low romance esteem , it doesn't mean that, you don't necessarily feel good about yourself. In fact , all that means is that you don't value yourself and or you don't honor your worth. When you don't have high dating esteem, you will not value yourself enough, ever! You won't have standards and you will allow yourself to be manipulated out of them once you set your standards. You have to know your worth, otherwise noone else will and people will be able to talk you out of your value.
A person with high romance esteem will value themselves and know that they are worth being with. You are worth all of your standards, so stop punishing yourself.

Feel good about yourself and have high romance esteem, so that you too can attract a beautiful relationship.

Do not, I repeat, do not take scraps from a man!

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