Thursday, April 25, 2013

Leave Your House Clean

When you leave an apartment or a house , you usually leave it the way you came in. Well, that's the same way you should leave your relationships, clean. Always leave your relationships in the most healthy way. As Ph.D John Gray says, when you are able to leave a relationship with closure and ease, you open yourself up to the ability to find love that is more fit for you. When you leave your house with drama, baggage, and negativity, you actually keep yourself further from attracting real and true love.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stay away from these Four Men in the Zodiac

1) Gemini

2) Leo

3) Sagittarius

4) Aquarius

Gemini Man-
Stay far away from a Gemini man! He is so much of a chameleon that, they have no home based to return to at the end of the day. They switch from personality to personality. He is the epitome of , multiple personality disorder. They are charismatic , cunning and soulless ! No conscious here, baby! They are empty and lost creatures roaming the earth looking for prey , because they have no conscious of their own. They are spiritless . He cares nothing about who he hurts . He just wants immediate gratification! He times in and he times out and only feels connected to a woman when there is drama! This man has to have drama in his relationships, in order to be happy. In fact, he thrives off of it, because he's such a masochist. He is easily bored , mostly because he's looking for a soul and constantly needs to blood suck until he sucks someone dry! He's the most dreamy boy but when it's all said and done, he's just a figment of your imagination. It's all temporary and it will end soon = fantasy relationship. and if you're a Scorpio like myself, stay clear. this is not a match made in heaven because its hell. He's far too immature and shallow and is not a life mate. This is why he doesn't stay in relationships long , and he is divorce prone. They cannot stay with anybody because they are not life partners. He's your drama and temporary boyfriend, period!

Leo Man-
Run for the hills. As a matter of fact, run in your heels! This guy is crazy and simply just too difficult to deal with! Although better than a Gemini man, because he is both , loyal and a life partner , he's still the lesser of two evils. In fact, that's the problem right there, he's a relationship guy, and why? This horrible man is without a conscious. He is mean, dramatic and a horrific misogynist.  Yes, although he is a relationship type man, he really hates women deep inside because he hates anything that makes him vulnerable to something having power over him. Everything is a power struggle to him. Planning a date, matters in love, meeting the parents, chivalry, is a mental work out, when dealing with this guy. Any and everything simple thing, is made difficult with this creature. Instead of just loving a woman, he has to haze her and put her through hell, assuming the hypothetical that, it could happen to him. He's a narcissist and he's insecure and that's why he acts the way he does. He's an idiot! Narcissist are incapable of love. They love no one. This man is a bad boy, yet relationship oriented, interesting huh? He's hateful, yet charismatic. With such splitting, and contradictions, you would think he suffers from borderline personality disorder. He is simply your crip tonight. He may be attractive, charming, and cunning, but in the end, remember that he is cunning! Its all an act and he is the true definition of a lion, a hunter of prey. Women are prey to this man. This man is delusional and overly controlling! He has an ego problem, like most Leo's. This is one of my got to go signs. This man plays so many head games, you can't even keep up. You never know what you're going to get because he'll do and say anything just to get what he wants. This man is a ego maniac. He is also condescending. He loves his ego, appearance and what people think of him more than he will ever love anyone, so forget about this guy, he's a joke. He will win your family over and friends over, but only you will know the real. I once knew of a Leo, who tried winning everyone in my family over, in order to get to me. You just never know what his motive is. He is a joke and a Disney character. Take him lightly. He acts out a character , sticks to it and then vanishes. He is not real, in fact , he's quite the joke! Do not get involved with this man. He's cares for his own gratification. Refer to my older blog entry about this crazy man because he is so not worth talking about again. This guy is wack, never met one that i ever liked.

Sagittarius Man-
I have the most to say about this man. This man is the worst kept secret. People sleep on Sagittarius men but only the wise have figured him out and escaped!
Boy is he crazy! If I had to choose him as the worst of the four, it would be a toss up between Gemini and Sagittarius. Sagittarius men are crazy! They are dangerous. They betray an air of , confidence, coolness, calmness, and easy goingness, but he is anything but that. In real life, he has a piercing spear that will seep through when you least expect it. He's brilliant so ladies watch out. He will play mind games because his only goal is , to divide and conquer.
He is calculated and evil. Most women don't even know that they have been had because he's so brilliant , he will trick you into believing that , you actually choose him and that you decided to be had by him. He wants to possess and own you. They don't believe in just having a fling, oh no! He has to flood your mind with overly consumed thoughts of him. You can't just be Luke warm with him , because that will drive him crazy!! Sagittarius men are considered to be the players and Don Juan's of the zodiac. He is a horrible lover and great father, according to the books. Since most serial killers fall under this sign, he is magnificent at being a cold , calculating SOB. He's a cunning person , who can con just about anybody but no one person can act forever. You can only act for so long. He has a flip side too and when he looses his temper/ mind, it's similar to the way a person with a mental illness has a relapse. It's uncontrollable and cannot be stopped.
Sagittarius men have a tick, and when it is fueled , omg, you do not want to catch his wrath. When the Sagittarius man is upset , there is no turning him back. You must let him have his 15 min of fame. The affects that this man has and the damage that he causes is so unintelligible , being in the fact that, they always make up and come to their senses later. By then , it's too late, bridge burned!
Sagittarius men are one of the hardest to grasp why? Because they are controlling , borderline, have two sides to them and mixed feelings for you. He represses everything and rarely speaks his mind about anything. Due to that , he has to stress his point in other ways, meaning , non verbally! Oohhh, dangerous combination , which leads to, pow, pow, pow!!! All over the place!! He betrays confidence but in actuality , he is raging with a covered up insecurity , jealousy and lots of anger. He will love you and hate you for the things that caught his attention in the first place. In other words , if you're hot, he will Be attracted to you because of it but if you're hot , he will also be threatened by the attention that you may get because of it. This guy is so insane and a pain in the ass. Sagittarius's are very , very likable people , but don't be fooled , they are actors and most of them come off as calm, cool and collected but underneath all of that exterior is somebody crazy as ahh hell! It's love/ hate with this man.  He's a hustler when it comes to the love game and its all about the law of power. Watch out because this man may take years to get over because once under his spell, you're caught and its game over!

Aquarius Men-
This guy is charming and definitely a ladies man. The only thing is, he's too difficult and mysterious to understand. He usually doesn't satisfy the ladies, because he is totally opposite from what the ladies desire. One hurt and he's out. His ego cannot not risk being hurt again. He's way too detached and a total waste. He lives in his own koko world. Sometimes i wonder, just what the hell they're thinking about. He talks way too much! He doesn't know what to say and what not to say and doesn't read in between the lines.  He thinks he's way too amazing and he's stuck on trying to prove just how amazing he is. Pleaseeeeeeee! Aquarius men are PASSIVE!! They would rather be pursued and or met half way, instead of doing the actual pursuing. He's wack. They sometimes chase love and sometimes don't. They can desire a committed relationship, yet still show a standoffish attitude towards it at the same time. They want love, yet can live with out. They can love you, yet have no passion for you or the relationship. They want you , but show behaviors that contradict their feelings for you. This guy is simply not passionate enough for love and he's far too lazy to make it work or handle the stresses that come along with it.  GAME OVER!

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Offensive Dating vs Defensive Dating

In driving , it is stated that one must drive defensively , as if a car could hit us at anytime. Well , in dating , I think that the best offense is the best defense. You date defensively as well. Meaning ,that you must date for yourself , to protect yourself. You must never date for his sake. On no! You must make sure that, you are in safe Zone that will lead to life , instead of death. Be at the right place at the right time and date the right guy! You date in a healthy way, to guarantee safety dating. You date with your seat belt on and you follow all the dating laws, to secure safe results. Dating stupid and unhealthy will only get you a ticket , and at worst your license revoked, due to being scorned.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Make him want to invite you into his world

Make him want to be in your world so bad that he ends up inviting you into his world by accident! This is how a man thinks. He chases and chases you until the fool is confused lol similar to how a dog chases his tail or a cat that he can never catch. If you can get a man to chase what he can't have, he'll forget that he isn't getting it and become so entangled in the chase that , it's all he'll be able to focus on. It's so psychological , trust me on this. It took me years to figure this out , but sadly to say, men are like dogs and dogs chase cats. When a man is in chase mode it's all he'll be able to think about until he catches you. Never mind what's he going through, just keep that mind on you and he'll be entangled in your world until he invites you into his on accident! When a man is in pursuit mode , he can't think straight until he has conquered and he'll do anything , including inviting you into his world , if he can't get all up inside of yours. Trust me on this smitty! If he can't have you your way, he'll do anything to get you, including pursuing you his way!