Monday, April 1, 2013

Make him want to invite you into his world

Make him want to be in your world so bad that he ends up inviting you into his world by accident! This is how a man thinks. He chases and chases you until the fool is confused lol similar to how a dog chases his tail or a cat that he can never catch. If you can get a man to chase what he can't have, he'll forget that he isn't getting it and become so entangled in the chase that , it's all he'll be able to focus on. It's so psychological , trust me on this. It took me years to figure this out , but sadly to say, men are like dogs and dogs chase cats. When a man is in chase mode it's all he'll be able to think about until he catches you. Never mind what's he going through, just keep that mind on you and he'll be entangled in your world until he invites you into his on accident! When a man is in pursuit mode , he can't think straight until he has conquered and he'll do anything , including inviting you into his world , if he can't get all up inside of yours. Trust me on this smitty! If he can't have you your way, he'll do anything to get you, including pursuing you his way!

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