Saturday, January 30, 2010

Leo Men

This isn't an astrological blog, but from time to time, we'll throw it all out there!

Leo Men, ever heard of them? They are some of the most difficult men in the zodiac. They are very charming, cunning, and sweet. Sure he comes off as confident, self assured, protective and loving. He is the best man to choose, if you want a long term relationship and or a clingy, possessive man. Don't be fooled by his exterior. Internally, this man is storming with insecurities, ego problems, and superiority complexes. Getting along with him won't be easy. He can be the world's most charming and the world's biggest liar. He can be aggressive and abusive, so be careful. They are sort of like chameleon's. They can be whatever they perceive the world wants them to be. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear. This man is the biggest actor. Only time will tell who he really is. Very dangerous man to get involved with, unless he's an ethical guy, which is a rare. They take almost everything the wrong way. If you ask him to do something, he'll respond with, " no!". They take many things literally, as if you're commanding them to do something. Leo men do not like be told what to do, and they will rebel against any tone that sounds assertive. They are very stubborn. Leo men have to be in control! They also have many secrets. Don't be surprised if he's cheating or hiding something. They usually don't show their true colors, to afraid of being disliked for who they really are. Leo men are the most sensitive men, when it comes to being disliked. They can't stand being hated. And why does it seem like they always want to be married. Every time I turn around, a Leo man is proposing, or trying to get married. Be careful, they usually try to get commitments, so that they can keep you around. He wants to run the show, so don't be surprised if he rejects all your initiations. Leo men are just about the only men in the zodiac, who women don't miss nor reminisce over. His ego is fragile and he is easily hurt. He takes everything personal. He's sensitive like a woman. Leo men love drama. I almost believe they start stuff, just to get a reaction out of you. They love friction and they love feisty women. If he dumps you, don't be offended, it probably has nothing to do with you. Gladly move on and be lucky. If you're dating a leo man, be careful, he can be quite aggressive and may have tendencies of abuse. In fact, he's not as bold and strong as you think he is. Even the lion from the wizard of oz lacked courage!

Now, this zodiac stuff isn't to be used to justify shortcomings and or explain good traits. This isn't an astrological blog, It's just for fun, so if you happen to find a great Leo guy, lol, have fun.. Who knows, he may be the one.

You can't predict God.

MEN and their EX'S

If a man is over his ex, you'll know it. He'll have no reason to prove himself or explain that he is. He will not mention, nor get defensive when you ask him to speak on his past. She will be of no existence in his energy field ... He will be open , healed, body and soul. Listen not to his words, watch his actions , and then listen to see if his words support his non verbal communication. why? because the game is to be sold, not to be told... lol Dig this, c diary says this:

Research shows that, you should "Pay ATTENTION to how often he mentions his EX. If a guy mentions his ex at all, he isn’t over HER!!!!! It doesn’t matter if it’s a NEGATIVE or positive comment about her. Either way, it’s bad news. If someone mentions something repeatedly, it’s WEIGHNING on his mind. If he doesn’t mention her, it’s likely he’s over her or almost over her.
Do you get the sense that your arguments are about more than he says? Chances are, you're right. He's not arguing with you, he's arguing with her, and fails to recognize that he's using his own psychological defense mechanism of, displacement. Displacing his anger for her onto you. " Does he overreact when you are late calling? If the man has reactions that seem extreme for the situation, he may be reacting to the baggage he carries from the previous relationship".


Ladies, invest in a man worth your stocks.... Make sure he adores you and his heart is open