Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chase a Man? Chase God!

Written by a very in tuned lady.

"A woman is not to chase a man. Women please stop chasing men. Let him chase you. Give him time to fight for what he wants. After he gets you, he'll know that you're worth more than rubies. (Proverbs 31:10) Both man and woman are suppose to chase after God. While the man is seeking God, God will direct the footsteps of both the man and woman so that they cross paths. God will lead the man to pursue the RIGHT woman. Too many times the good fellas end up chasing the wrong women because they lack discernment. As you begin to seek the face of God., your discernment will increase because for the spiritual height you will be on. Chase and Purse the word of GOD and then everything you want will be right around the corner, so i here my spirit tells me so.

So men lay in the arms of your Father just like Adam did when he went into a deep sleep as God handcrafted his beautiful woman for him. Or rest and relax like Issacc did when his father sent his servant on a journey to bring him a wife from his own country. The bible says, that before he and Rebecca were near each other, he was in the field meditating. Another thing godly men is watch your character and reputation. Remember Boaz saw Ruth working hard in the field. He watched her closely as she worked noticing some of her good qualities. A godly man is a wise investor. Any investor will tell you to not make any hasty decision regarding investing in a market or selling your shares. You have to watch the market and know the market in whatever you want to invest in so that you can yield high returns.

Many people tell half the truth when interpreting the scripture that says, "He that finds a wife finds a good thing". It is true that the word "finds" means that the man is to pursue a woman. But that scripture is also two-fold. What that scripture means is that after God completes processing the woman's character, she then becomes established in her spirit and character and is now qualified to be a wife. So now she is a good thing. (Church)!

A foolish woman is not a good thing to a man. The bible says everything God created was good. God didn't create evil character in women and men. So every woman must go through a fiery trial so that God may burn up the chaff; to produce the good that is in her. To bring out the best in her, so that when she walks into her season, she will be a good thing. And when she is a good thing, she will then become qualified by God to be called a wife. So whoever comes into the presence of this woman will come into the presence of a good woman who has allowed God to process her into being a godly wife.

The bible says "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things will be added unto you." (Matthew) As a matter of fact, the more we pursue things and people, the further God allows them to stay away from our lives, because we're seeking something more than we seek God. God wants us to pray and rest in His arms as we pray for our helpmates.

Remember Adam was asleep when God brought Eve to him. Adam knew he was missing something, but didn't know it was already in him. So when God presented Eve, she was good. That's what the scripture "A man that finds a wife, finds a good thing." And "NO" this doesn't mean a woman is suppose to chase a man. Isacc wasn't looking for wife. God presented Rebekah to him. Boaz wasn't looking for Ruth. God presented her to him. In each situation, it was God that brought each couple together through different circumstances, no matter how unusual they may seem.

No matter who your husband or wife is, or where they are from, God will strategically place you in the path of your soul mate. You don't have to go to the club or even go to church looking for anyone. Just keep your eyes on Jesus and He will meet everyone of your need, and give you the desire of your heart according to His will and word. Ladies be prayerful and ask God to make you a good thing. Again, I say don't chase a man, because if you're really good he'll chase you down. Remember the saying, "You never miss a good thing until it's gone. Stay out of his face. And seek His face. Stop calling him. And
call Him. Become that good thing, and your man won't be able to resist you because of the anointing radiating on your face from the inside out.

What this message renders is, a woman should not be chasing after a man, but should be chasing after GOD, allowing him to prepare her to be a good thing, a precious gift to a man. A man should be chasing after GOD 1st, so that he can be molded into being a good man for a woman, and so that GOD can present to him the woman he designed for that man and instill inside of him the ambition to actually pursue the woman of his desires. (You see why it's so important to be evenly yoked)

GOD MUST NOT ONLY DEVELOP YOU AS A WOMAN FOR THE MAN FIRST BUT A MAN MUST ALSO BE DEVELOPED FOR THE WOMAN! put all your desires in GOD. call GOD, text God, PAGE GOD, facebook GOD, myspace GOD, add GOD as your friend, vent your frustrations to GOD. Leave GOD a message 1ST and watch how he will move in your life, granting you all the desires of your heart but only .1st after you have throughly sought him.

PEACE AND church.

Make Friends

I am finding myself to be a strong advocate of this friend thing. In today's world, we rush everything! Even our relationships, as discussed in the last blog entry. Well, I have just the answer. How about dating the friendship first, you'll save so much time in the mean time. Now, if you don't mind wasting your precious little time, then bigolly, continue to speed date and you will surely run through lots of guys and waste lots of time ;). Here's the thing, when you meet a guy, you don't know who he is, nor if he matches the items on your ideal man list. Remember, he could be geeky, nerdy, corny, too nice, a yes man, a gay man, a use to be married man, a felon, a mentally ill patient, an abuser, STD, or HIV prone. He may even be a baby daddy. You don't know him, nor his idiosyncrasies, so don't act like you do. Unless you're psychic, there is no such thing as knowing somebody. First off, small steps should be taken, and as nature takes it's course, and God's will agrees, then you and the man can move through each stage, by first passing each step. And as stated previously ladies, always pray and always be one with your desires, and the characteristics of your ideal man. If you have not created a list of your ideal traits in a man, do so. Be one with your truth :) Here are the steps: Remember to take it slowwwwwwwwww or learn the hard way in the end. 1) Always be cordial. Be a friend first! Period, without a doubt 2) Leave room for a lot of space and allow that to lead into time on the phone 3) Do Lot's of talking on the phone before spending time together 4) After allowing space,& chatting a bunch, then you can spend time together 5) Once you spend lot's of quality time together,you can then start to date him 6) Once you have been dating for a while, you can then become exclusively dating 7) Once you have been exclusively dating, you can become girlfriend & Boyfriend 8) Once you have a relationship for a while, and you know for sure he is the one and he feels the same, marry him! and in that order!! ;) These steps are made to help and protect you. After going fast for so many years, i realize how precious my time is and you can't get it back once it's gone. Take your time, because time does fly. Men live in the moment,so they are equipped to going fast, but taking it slow is best for you, and any man who wants to rush has something to hide anyway. Notice how every guy that moves extra fast usually ends up being a bum, lol. Don't go fast, you have nothing to rush, oh but taking the time to get to know him can take years and the time spent doing so is worth the pain that you will dodge.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Should You Take What You Get ?!!?

Man likes you and you like him back. Man says he wants you and you let him have you. Man says, he wants to date you and you begin dating him. but is he what you really want? Is this the ideal guy that you had in mine? Women tend to sort of take what they can get. We date who wants to date us, and we are hooked by whoever hooks us. So should you take what you can get? The answer is , no! Never let a man set the tone for you. You should date the way you want and allow yourself to be had by who you choose. You do the choosing , never be chosen. The guy can think he choose you, but he didn't. Decide what you want, write down your ideal guy , place it in your bible, set the tone, go at your own pace, play hard to get and then choose the guy you want. Never just take what you can get.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

When A Guy Says Let's Be Friends

When a guy says, let's be friends, I say, hell, give him what he asked for and put some stank on it, lol. Let's be friends could mean anything. It could mean he's gay, not interested, a player ,keeping his options open, dating someone else or unattracted to you. He may just want something from you.I don't have time for it. Just know you're a dime and no matter what his opinions, actions or his feelings towards you are, you are the dime piece. No matter what, you rock, eff what he thinks! Always like a guy less than he likes you. So if he dislikes you, hate him, lol "
"Never be further ahead emotionally/mentally in any relationship than the guy"
. A man should always like a woman more,so if you're busy worrying about him and obsessing over him, it gives him no time to do that for you. A man must like a woman more than she likes him, period! So when he says, "I see you as a cool friend" and or, "let's be friends", mirror him, and say the same,and trick yourself into believing the same. In fact, repeat his words back to him. Who cares why he said what he said, or what he meant by what he said, who cares! If friendship is what he wants, then bigoly, friendship is what he will get! 2 snaps. 'Men usually want to have their cake and eat it too. Men say things to get a reaction. Men say one thing and do another. Well, just remember this, make sure his words read his actions and his actions match his words. Watch a man's words, and then his actions, see if they comply. If they don't , treat him as a joke. Watch a man's actions and see if they match his words, if not, play like the dumb fox, who can only grasp information , when only, the talk matches the walk. Remember to clear your mind and write your ideal man down on a piece of paper and stick it in your bible or somewhere safe and remind yourself of those attributes. I'm sure, man who wants to be friends and sends mix signals isn't one on your list, ha ha. Remember that. So, he wants to be friends, touche, return the blow of friendliness and KO him! LOL