Monday, June 18, 2012

Nanny Services

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Men Love Bitches

Why Men Love Bitches? Women spend so much time trying to appease a man. We cater, we give in and we compromise, but why? Men love Bitches. Women spend so much time internalizing anything that makes her feel bad. For example,we allow societal standards, magazines, TV, and a man's standards to stand in the way of self acceptance and self love. While men come "as is" merchandise, women constantly look to alter themselves at their own expense. Men sale what they have, no matter who and what they are. They have an attitude that says, "hey, this is me, flaws and all". Women, no matter who you are, be confident in your position. Ever watch Basketball Wives? Evelyn on the show is very angry, ratchet, and temperamental, yet people accept her as she is and why? People accept her because she comes "as is". She is confident in every flaw and every good trait that she has. Be yourself, have some self respect and only then, will giving a man the middle finger, when he deserves it, will be such a relief! Every woman must have that walk away factor in relationships. Accept yourself and for any man who doesn't accept you, kick him to the curb. Secondly, no man wants a woman that he can just have. I mean , anything he didn't have to lift a finger for to have, he will devalue. Men would like to believe that they have a woman that is not easily obtainable.Why? because then he knows he has a woman that wanted him, and not just a woman who's in love with the idea of love. = Men love Bitches. Thirdly, men need to be checked. Men need rules and men need to know when they are out of line. No matter how big, no matter how small the matter is, men need to be called out on their shit. They respect women who do so, why you ask? because men love bitches. A man knows when he is out of line, and if you don't call him out on it or at least alter your behavior to reflect the deed, he loses respect. Finally, men complain , but the women they rant about the most, are the bitches they claim to hate. The bitches that drive them crazy, so to say. The women who give them a run for their money are the women they secretly love. Stand your ground, be yourself, love yourself, and speak your mind. If he can't handle it, laugh and tell him, next stop please. "In order to win in relationships and be happy , you have to be with the right guy. Until you meet the right guy, all relationships will end mad, sad or bad" For more information on men who love bitches, pick up the book. "Why Men Love Bitches"

Monday, June 4, 2012

Men of thed Zodiac

Capricorn Man: He's quiet, and loud, self controlled, conflicted, narcissistic, serious, focused, patient, determined, ambitious, a cheater and a good lover. Capricorn men weigh all their options before getting into a relationship. He won't be caught dead with the wrong woman. Love for him starts with his brain. It has to make sense for him logically, before it can make any type of sense to him emotionally. He will never be guarded by his heart. His head makes the decisions for his love life. Capricorn men have to be the smartest of everyone around him and he secretly believes that he is. He has to prove how much he knows, and how strong he is at the expense of others. Oh, his intellectual conversation can be so condescending,because he talks to you like he's teaching and he thinks he knows everything, but he really knows little to nothing. Even if Mr Capricorn is extremely smart, he believes he knows all, which makes him appear less intelligent to me, anyway. The key to intelligence and gaining knowledge is, openness, receptiveness and curiosity. He's a good guy but seems to have trouble with delusions of intellectual superiority. He just wants to prove he's better and smarter than everyone else, but secretly, he must be feeling defeated and depleted, to be that way! Aquarius Man : Be careful. He's aloof, loves a chase, needs to be ignored, can be a heart breaker, wears his heart on his sleeve, short lived love, sales a fantasy. He's so charasmatic and fairy that, he can knock your socks off. Don't trust this man. He has the gift of gab and he's not afraid to use it. He can also be a player (lots of women). He's romantic, when he does fall for a woman and depending on the nature of this man, he does have the capacity to be a good loyal man. When it's real, expect loyalty. Pisces Man : He can be so sweet, but he does have a jealous nature. He's intimidated by confident women. He can be very insecure and he can also be conceited and have a narcissistic ego, that's untouchable. He has emotions like a woman. He's just as gossipy, catty, and petty as a woman. He's extremely sensitive, and like a woman, if he takes something personal, he will ignore you, refusing to speak to you. He has the capacity to make anyone fall in love with him. He's a dreamer and can be a cheater. He can be kind, but he also has a mean streak. He is passive and not an aggressive man. He want's what he cannot have (Period). Aries Man : OMG, Run for the hills! This guy perceives everything as a war or a fight. He's ready to go to bat over something as small as a sandwich or a simple comment. He's impulsive, competitive, aggressive and hyperactive. This guy needs to take a chill pill/impulsive depressor pill and sit his ass down. Aries control the head, which means he can be either, very spiritual, very smart, and or very hard headed. Aries men are very smart! Unfortunately, this guy is a relationship type guy, and may be subjected to being a loyal person, lol. Taurus Man : Taurus men are masculine, butch, with strong statures and strong necks, yummmm. They are not passive and not afraid of a challenge, nor are they afraid of a strong woman. Taurus people, in general, can be bullies. They like to run shit and they have to be in control. They will use their big statures and bullish nature to control you and the things around them, at any sound off. Taurus men are loyal, to a fault. A Taurus man will go into a relationship, with ulterior motives and stay in a relationship, long after it has ended, due to comfort. If he knows you will be successful in your near future, he ain't going nowhere. Taurus men are loyal and bull headed. They will stay in abusive relationships and friendships, even if they are the contributing factors, due to their devotion. But be careful ladies, all Taurus's have a mean streak. They can be very stuck in their ways, so depending on what type of person he is, will determine what area he is stubborn in. If he is religious , philosophical, cultural, spiritual or insightful, he will be stubborn in those areas. If he is ignorant, bull headed, stubborn, a player , etc , he will be bull headed in those areas as well. I always say, determining his nature, will determine on which level he will be bullheaded in. If his nature is decent, date him, because he is stern , loyal, and still within his nature, so you mine as well date a good, stubborn person, lol. All Taurus's can be antagonistic and abusive, due to their insecurities and or superiority complexes. Choose a guy Taurus guy without those traits. Gemini Man : Stay clear and buckle your seat belt, because this guy is fun, fun, fun and he can also be a train wreck! He's all over the place. He can be a cheater and usually has more than one woman on the side!! Never expect loyalty from this man, unless he is religious and or unless he has strong moral ethics, that have been taught to him from childhood. Either way it goes, he battles with loyalty , because it is not in his nature. If he has an ego and no ethical guideline, watch out! He is very competitive in life and in conversations and is easily angered when he loses. His mood changes from one extreme to the next and you have to pretty much kiss his butt, in order to keep things kosher between you two. A Gemini man hates when he cannot have a woman the way he wants her. Gemini's can be SENSITIVE, like a woman!! He has emotions and sensitivity like a girl. He can also be very manipulative. He is very self centered, believing the world revolves around him. Gemini's are chameleon's. They have different sides to them, that can drive you crazy! You never know what you're going to get with Mr. Gemini. Gemini men are adventurous and spontaneous. If you are fixed, laid back and bland, this guy isn't for you. He can drive you crazy, so run for the hills, unless you're the kind of woman who likes drama, and you can't get anyone else. He is definitely a no go. He's not relationship material and not worth dating. This guy's a disaster. Cancer Man : He's as cute as a button. He is husky and has broad features and he can be kind. He can be strong, and very snappy! He can also be moody. I was told by a female cancer that, cancer men can be assholes. He is totally capable of turning his emotions off and being the an insensitive guy. You be the judge! He is a relationship kind of guy, with sensitivity. He's not the most interesting person. Unfortunately, I don't know much about this guy, lol. Leo Man : Run! He's a liar. He's cunning, phony,tyrannical, crazy, manipulative and simply a headache. You never know when he is being genuine or not. For more information, read my previous post on Leo men. Virgo Man : He is half woman, half man. He is sensitive, talkative and thoughtful,just like a woman. He is extremely critical, scrutinizes and focused on small details, that don't always matter. He has identity issues,and is totally capable of metamorphosis. He can change from one identity to the next. For example, he may change from being a religious guy , into being a bad ass drug dealer, and this can happen at any given moment. However, don't worry ladies, no matter what he changes into over time, he won't dare take that risk, while he's in a relationship. He is a lifetime partner. If he's single and ready to mingle, watch out! He's very eccentric. He is analytical and he has no problem prying and being invasive. He can hit the switches at any time, you just never know with him. These above reasons are the reason I can't date another Virgo. I can't stand a critical man. Virgo men are very critical, no matter what tactic he uses, he is critical. He may deliver his messages as if something is wrong, but he's really just condemning people. On the other hand , he is a relationship guy, marriage material, weighing, logical,kind, romantic, loving,and a reliable guy. The good traits about a Virgo man are the traits I can fall for. You decide if this is the half man, half woman you want to be with. To each its own. With this guy, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. I personally like August Virgos better. Can't lose with them. Libra Man : Libra men are sweet, romantic, and they have lots of money to spend, to wine and dine you with. This man loves money, so bets believe, he will have plenty of it. He's not afraid to use it and he knows exactly how to keep a woman's mouth shut. He can definitely fund your lifestyle. However, Libra men are cheaters! They usually have more than one woman. They are also a bit confrontational. They love to argue , as if they're lawyers. In fact, many Libras are debaters, and lawyers. They take everything seriously and literally. Scorpio Man : OH wee, same sign as me :)! this man is a catch. He either loves you and wants to pursue you and or he just is not that into you. There is no in between, nor mix messages with a Scorpio man. He's passionate, powerful, convinced, loyal,sexy , smart and manly. He knows he's something to be in awww with. He's magnificent. He's so in love with himself. He loves to take charge. Just think of Scorpio man and power house, Sean 'Diddy' Combs. He can also be a little temperamental, so don't get on his bad side. Scorpio men are loved, because women just love them and are drawn to their magnetic, hypnotizing personality. It's hard to explain this man. What I love about Scorpio men is, they don't bait you, nor trick you into a trap, most women choose to be lured into their web. He plays no head games, nor luring games. He's so damn appealing, women are naturally drawn to him, like a bee is to honey. Sagittarius : Sagittarius men are very appealing and luring. You are drawn to them, without knowing why. They have a cupid spear that will have you head over hills, without knowing why. He is hard to get over. It's almost like he puts a spell on you and you are entrapped, unwillingly. Sagittarius men send mix messages. They want you, when they can't have you and they want you, when you have your own life, yet they don't want you when they can have you. He likes the chase, more than the capture. To him, the chase is more important than the capture. He's so twisted. Even in relationships and marriages, he has to always be pursuing you. He needs a challenge. He also needs a woman with spunk. Just look at Jay Z and Beyonce. Beyonce has her own life and that gives Jay Z a thrill or shall I say, chills, lol. You must have your own life, with this man. If you are not spunky and or kinky, he will loose interest. Sagittarius men don't realize what they had, until it is long gone. He is not marriage material,nor relationship material. He loves women, all types. He is considered to be the Don Juan of the zodiac. He can damn there get any woman he wants. He is an over thinker and he is extremely controlling. Sagittarius people are respected because they are who they are, without giving a flying f*** what anyone thinks about it. He only looks out for his own best interest. He is the epitome of cunning- charm. He can make anyone think that, he's innocent. He knows how to play the game to get what he wants, so don't be surprised if after he gets what he wants, he changes, and his true character shows. He believes he's running things, even when he runs nothing. He has to feel in control at all times. Sagittarius are usually attracted to cults and like to lead things. Every now and again, you will see this man as a loyal boyfriend, husband and or father. Usually, these are the men that are being checked by their woman and know to never step out of line and or they are the types that aren't really that attractive enough to play the game. lol :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Men Will Always Choose The Woman They Couldn't Have

Hello Ladies, Men will always choose what they can't have over what they can have. I recently read an article about Kanye West pursuing Kim Kardashin, but why? Is it her riches? Is it her fame? Hell no, he has all that. It's the fact that she's the hot girl/pass down, trophy woman, that many celeb guys just want to see if they can obtain. According to magazines, Kanye wanted her long before now, but couldn't have her and now he has his chance at love. This may be a horrible example, because their new relationship all seems fake and full of b.s. to me, however, I'm making a point (wait for it). No matter how trashy Kim Kardashin's and her reputation may be. No matter if she is a loose candid, if a man cannot have you, he will see you as gold. You could be a nun, muslim, stripper and or unattractive, but if he can't have you, he prizes you above your value. If you already have value, he will value you even more. If you have little to no value, he will give you an unbelievable amount of it. No matter who you are, if a man wants something he can't have , he will cherish it over a woman who may be of a better creed, whom he can have. Wait, let's retrack that. Yes, a man will devalue a worthy woman, over a woman with less value, if the woman with less value is a woman , who he can't have and especially if she plays hard to get. Why you ask? Because it is psychological. It's a scarcity factor. People tend to value what is scarce and rare. We put what we can't have on a pedistol. You can be wifey, the better woman, and a catch, all you want, but if you are easy to catch and too good for him, he will value the woman he can't have over you. Simple, "men want what they can't have". It does no matter if he is cute as a button and you can't get enough of him, rock on baby, because in every culture, race, age group, background, social economic status, religion and political background, the same rules apply. Men value the woman they had to wait for, even if she was a friend at first. No matter how nice a guy is, you have to do what is best for him, and that's for him to value you! :) Give him the chase his true masculine hunting, nature needs. It's best for him. I know a cute guy, who's use to women wanting him and he has it going on, and for one second, I thought of reaching out to him, but that would only do him no good. I will not touch a dial, until he does. I am GOLDEN and the only way he'll see it is, if _______ Boom! When he contacts me, I may just contact him back. ha ha How do you become the woman he yearns for, even if he can have you? Learn how to balance the two. Become the woman who he can't have, unless he works extremely hard to get. Be the woman he can't have nor obtain, until he puts some elbow greese in. In fact, learn how to dislike a guy who dislikes you. If he doesn't want you, then you don't want him. Pretend as if he's totally not interested, until his interest is undeniable. Don't let him in your emotional , mental, nor physical space too soon. Keep things rather shallow, until things progress. Even if you like a guy and you give in, just a little, if you keep things shallow, it sends a message that he hasn't earned the rights into your personal space, as of yet and he shouldn't. Trust me, it's for his own good, so don't feel bad. If you do not follow this script, you will only hurt yourself. Let him complain, because in the end, he values what he can't have, not what he can have so easily.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Remember One Thing

When it comes to men, all you need to do is, remember one thing! Does he make you feel good or bad? How does he make you feel? Forget the shananagins and the he say she say. Forget what he says and forget all the books. Consult two things and keep your mind focused on the most important key factor. The fist thing to remember is, your self esteem. Always feel good about yourself. The second most important key factor is, to remember one thing, does he make you feel good? Does it feel good? If he doesn't make you feel good, if he puts you down, downgrades you or demeans you, f*** him! Always ask yourself and take note on how the man in your life is making you feel. Do an analysis everyday, if you have to. If it doesn't feel good, it isn't right, period! People are supposed to bring out the best in you, not the worst. Even if you aren't the most confident person in the world, who cares, the man in your life should be bringing some sort of Diva out of you, or Queen Elizebeth attitude out of you that makes you feel on top of the world. IF you aren't confident, he should be so into you, so willing to please you and make you happy that, it just blows your head up and makes you re evaluate your own negative self perception. Ever met a man that made you feel so on top that, you forgot how to hate your self. I mean, this man was such a compliment to your character that, you couldn't help but love yourself. Thats the feeling i'm talking about ladies, a man that brings out the best in you. If you are like me, and you do know the truth about your self and you have high esteem, then just listen for one thing, how he makes you feel. Ever been around a man who totally shited on your esteem. I mean, he beat up on your character and undermined your greatness and maybe even downplayed your essence. Well, in the words of an author, "if you're not feeling cherished, you need to raise your standards". Men who make you feel bad, should be dumped right in the space that they abused you in. Leave the energy where ever it started. Your feelings are your guide. If you feel jealous, insecure, unsure, bad, unappreciated, or angry, let that be your guide. What's the use of a man being in your life, if he isn't going to enhance it? That's the whole point of being in touch with how he makes you feel. Chances are, if he makes you feel badly, then he needs to go, and if he makes you feel good , well, he can stay a while. Be no non sense when it comes to men. If in the beginning he does or says one thing that makes you feel bad, kick him to the curb. If you were a corporation, he would be on his best behavior during his 90 day probational period and if he loved and appreciated his job, he would do whatever it took to keep the job! The key thing is, if he is not making you feel good, its because he's either smelling himself, not that into you, or doesn't cherish you enough to feel like he needs to try and impress you. Ever met a prick who was on his best behavior around his woman? Ever met a prick who humilated and spoke badly to his girlfriend? Now you get my drift. All you need to know is, does he make you feel good or bad, and how does being around him feel. All the other stuff doesn't matter. Let that be your guide to remember. Does he make you feel good or bad?