Saturday, June 2, 2012

Men Will Always Choose The Woman They Couldn't Have

Hello Ladies, Men will always choose what they can't have over what they can have. I recently read an article about Kanye West pursuing Kim Kardashin, but why? Is it her riches? Is it her fame? Hell no, he has all that. It's the fact that she's the hot girl/pass down, trophy woman, that many celeb guys just want to see if they can obtain. According to magazines, Kanye wanted her long before now, but couldn't have her and now he has his chance at love. This may be a horrible example, because their new relationship all seems fake and full of b.s. to me, however, I'm making a point (wait for it). No matter how trashy Kim Kardashin's and her reputation may be. No matter if she is a loose candid, if a man cannot have you, he will see you as gold. You could be a nun, muslim, stripper and or unattractive, but if he can't have you, he prizes you above your value. If you already have value, he will value you even more. If you have little to no value, he will give you an unbelievable amount of it. No matter who you are, if a man wants something he can't have , he will cherish it over a woman who may be of a better creed, whom he can have. Wait, let's retrack that. Yes, a man will devalue a worthy woman, over a woman with less value, if the woman with less value is a woman , who he can't have and especially if she plays hard to get. Why you ask? Because it is psychological. It's a scarcity factor. People tend to value what is scarce and rare. We put what we can't have on a pedistol. You can be wifey, the better woman, and a catch, all you want, but if you are easy to catch and too good for him, he will value the woman he can't have over you. Simple, "men want what they can't have". It does no matter if he is cute as a button and you can't get enough of him, rock on baby, because in every culture, race, age group, background, social economic status, religion and political background, the same rules apply. Men value the woman they had to wait for, even if she was a friend at first. No matter how nice a guy is, you have to do what is best for him, and that's for him to value you! :) Give him the chase his true masculine hunting, nature needs. It's best for him. I know a cute guy, who's use to women wanting him and he has it going on, and for one second, I thought of reaching out to him, but that would only do him no good. I will not touch a dial, until he does. I am GOLDEN and the only way he'll see it is, if _______ Boom! When he contacts me, I may just contact him back. ha ha How do you become the woman he yearns for, even if he can have you? Learn how to balance the two. Become the woman who he can't have, unless he works extremely hard to get. Be the woman he can't have nor obtain, until he puts some elbow greese in. In fact, learn how to dislike a guy who dislikes you. If he doesn't want you, then you don't want him. Pretend as if he's totally not interested, until his interest is undeniable. Don't let him in your emotional , mental, nor physical space too soon. Keep things rather shallow, until things progress. Even if you like a guy and you give in, just a little, if you keep things shallow, it sends a message that he hasn't earned the rights into your personal space, as of yet and he shouldn't. Trust me, it's for his own good, so don't feel bad. If you do not follow this script, you will only hurt yourself. Let him complain, because in the end, he values what he can't have, not what he can have so easily.


  1. i just discovered your blog and I thoroughly enjoyed it... keep up the wise just confirmed what I already knew.. when they aint acting right.. either take a step back or let them go!!

    1. True, men only remember one thing, "I got her or I didn't get her". They forget all the drama in between. lol

    2. True, men only remember one thing, "I got her or I didn't get her". They forget all the drama in between. lol