Saturday, June 29, 2013

Spiritual Soul Ties

Hello, Male Decoded has moved and changed locations. Please refer to my new website at My new blog location will offer more services to my readers. I will no longer write on this site, so please visit new blog site. Follow me @Relationships 1O    If you're wondering what soul ties is, please refer to my previous blog entries. A small definition to sum it up would be, entering someone's spirit sexually, creating a soul tie. Soul ties, along with the release of the Oxytocin hormone will bond you with the person you sleep with. Oxytocin is a serious hormone , which is only released during the contraction of uterine muscle and secretion of milk.  This is why, we are asked to save ourselves for our husband and wife. 1 Corinthians:7 "to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife and let every woman have her own husband".  Sex is nothing to play with and you better make sure that whom ever you choose to lay down with, is someone you don't mind creating a soul time with. It's serious business, because you're playing with your soul. That's why they call it soul ties. Sex is the highest form of affection and the greatest form of how a soul tie is created, without a doubt.  In addition to that, I personally believe that soul ties can also come in other forms, such as, kissing, fondling, hugging, touching and last but not least, emotional soul ties. Do you know that when you just as much as talk to someone , you are receiving them into your spirit. You are allowing that person to speak into your life. Touching someone allows their spirits to be transferred to you and let me tell you this, you don't know what you might be receiving into your spirit. Kissing can be just as bad. Just as soul ties are created through sexual intercourse, well kissing is wet sex. You exchange saliva, spirits, arouse one another, and bond more. Touching is even worst. While some people may feel that oral sex and or hand jobs and masturbation is innocent and elementary, it isn't. Yes, it's juvenile, and not sex, but it still bonds you , where you don't need to be , with a person, to some extent. God didn't say, have no sex, but do everything else, because it's somewhat innocent. Nope, God wants us to be pure in all forms, leaving us clear minded , so that we are able to recognize our true soul mates, when they arrive. While emotional bonding is the more innocent act of all, it can seriously get you in trouble, because all acts stem from the emotional state first. Like sex, be careful who you lay your emotions down with. Be careful who you like. You can allow someone to speak into your life and spirit, just by having feelings for them. Be very selective with who you like. Every emotion isn't an innocent one and it can get you in trouble.Be careful not to create emotional soul ties with just any old guy. Although sex outside of marriage is not my thing, I learned about emotional bonding, and kissing the hard way. Although it seems like innocent acts, that bond is still created.

Think i'm lying about soul ties? test it. Think of the guys that you have not had sexual intercourse with? Now think of the men that you have gone all the way with. Do you see the difference??!!
Think of the men you have kissed and now think of the men you have never kissed? Think of the men you don't like and the power you have, and now compare them to the men you like and even love?? Big difference huh? Think of the men you have fondled with and now think of the men that you haven't fondled with. There is a difference of soul tie bonding, vs not bonding at all , correctz? Be careful with whom you lay down with. Save yourself, because sex is a very adult action. Its like playing house. Most of all, be careful with who you like and develop feelings for. Guard your emotional self.

If He's A Loser

   If he's a loser, most likely, you're a winner.  Losers are attracted to winners because they need your energy so that they can suck you dry, so be careful. Notice how tired you are after being in the presence of a loser. They are energy vampires. Do you treat men well? Are you supportive, nurturing, nice, no non sense, rules girl, smart, educated, successful, even kill, good woman? If the answer is yes, then you're doing all that you need to do and most likely you're a winner. If you're not a good woman, then you need to re-think some things. One thing i know for sure is that, loser guys love winning women. If he's lying, ignorant, bitchy, annoying, irritating, disrespectful, arrogant, and chivalry is clearly dead on his end, I suggest you admit that you're dating a loser.
If he's a loser, you owe him nothing, refer  to my previous blog. And get rid of him fast.

When a Man Rejects You

   When a man rejects you, understand that you owe him nothing afterward. Not a explanation, phone call, text message, date, nor a rekindle. Just remove yourself from the equation. Never rekindle anything with a man who made you feel rejected. If he did it once, he will do it again. He doesn't deserve you. If he can reject you, then you can politely leave and reject his conversation, silence, withdraw, desire to rekindle, and his facebook friendship. Do not stand in the presence of a man doing this to you.  You owe a man nothing who rejects you. Never listen to a man who rejects you and never receive his rejection. The bible preaches that, rejection is not real. God will never reject you. Understand that rejection is of the devil. Do not receive it into your spirit. Keep it moving and stand far away from any form of rejection.

Know your worth and let's keep this 100% confidence campaign going!

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Friday, June 28, 2013

If You Want True Love Do This

Are you looking for true love? I have an idea where you can find it!

1st, start with God. God created you so how can he not provide you with love. God invented love. God is love.
2nd, start with self. Go find yourself and be about satisfying you for a change. "dating is not a charity case".
Thirdly, fall in love with your career and fall in love with making it! Invest in your purpose, your calling, your education and your dreams. Fall in love with that. I promise you that, if you put God first, invest in your own happiness, be no non sense, and focus on your career and put it as a priority, you will never be without , why? Because God it first and foremost and will never forsake you ; he can't. God is love.

And your career/path/ purpose will never tell you it doesn't like you , doesn't wish to be your friend, doesn't want to be with you or doesn't have the time. You're career cannot turn on you because it is what you make it.
Your career will never wake up and tell you it doesn't love you anymore.

Do these things and watch love come to find you!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If You Do This You Will Get The Man

This was written by a man, who says that, if you are anything like this , a man will not marry you.

"Men don't like Really mean and overly moody/b*tchy. Most of my friends hate women who don’t smile or are always mad about everything. It sucks. A smiling woman who listens to his problems, tells him that he’s special, has his back and drops it ferociously in the bedroom can get him hooked. You want to be that woman".

The best way to be at your best with a man is, to just be one with self. Love yourself and be satisfied with yourself at all times. When you are into yourself , it radiates outwards. So just work on you , and the rest is history!

Men Are Like Children

While studying men and children, I see similarities between the two. Men are like children in so many ways. They want to believe they are first , even if they are last. They need rules , standards and routines. They don't understand women, all that much. Like children , men need constant reinforcement. Like children, men need lots of attention. Men also need a lot of admiration and respect. Men are charismatic and even manipulative like children. Study a child , and you will have studied a man.

As you know, you have to be careful with children. Children watch everything you do and learn only from your actions. Men are the same way. They are reinforced by every action. You may not know it but he's watching you and learning you, like a child does with an adult. This is how he knows what he can and can't do or what he can and can't get away with. 

Never React To A Man's Bad Behavior

Never react to a man that shows bad behavior. It only reinforces his behavior and then on top of that , it makes him feel special. Oh no, we can't have that. Never blow up with emotions towards a man because he only justifies it into his "amazingness" being the cause of your irresistible emotions and anger towards him. I learned the hard way that , negative attention is still suitable attention to a man. In the words of Robert Greene , "it's best to be talked about negatively then to be ignored". Don't be his self esteem booster, if he's messed up. That's the last thing you want to do. The best way to teach a man a lesson is , SSN - Silence , Space and No Reaction. Lets change the abbreviation of social security number to , the new SSN=silence, space and no reaction. When a man is out of control or misbehaving , just pull back and shut him out. The best way to check a man is with silence and space. Try your hardest not to react nor pitch a bitch. Besides, more messages are communicated through silence , and withdrawal then with words. And men are the gender of no words. They speak less and act more. Let him figure out your feelings on his own , by reading your actions. Think about it? How man times has a man communicated with you about how he felt and what he was going to do do and how he was going to do it. Did he ever tell you he was going to disappoint you, cheat on you, mistreat you, make you cry, disrespect you or get on your damn nerves? I think not! He just showed you. Well you have to speak the language of the person you interact with. Men are of few words. Never react, just treat him like a stepchild when he steps out of line. Remember that, reacting does not show 100% confidence, only silence and space can do that ;). Until next time

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The Everyday Contradictions Of A Man

Men will be with a woman that they know they want to spend the rest of their lives with, yet refuse to marry her.
That same man will marry a woman whom he can't see himself being with for the rest of his life, lol. Men hate commitments, yet still commit. Men say they don't want a relationship, yet they act is if they're in one, by demanding relationship acts. That same man will eff up the best thing he could have had with one woman and will make sure everything is right with the wrong woman. Men will treat the bad girls good and the good girls bad. Men will f*** one chick and make love to another. Men will say, I love you but I'm not in love with you. Men will marry a woman and not want to bare children with her , yet want to procreate with another woman that he didn't marry. Men will marry a non marriage material woman and let marriage material woman get away. Men will get married, while knowing that deep inside, she's his future ex wife, lol. Men will not commit to a woman whom they feel is out for his money, yet commit to a gold digger! Men love bitches and hate nice girls! Men love virgins but desire sluts! Men mess up and always come back later. Men make dumb decisions , only to regret it later and that's because men do things that they have to apologize for later. Men say one thing and do another! Men blow hot and cold! So how do you deal with the contradictions of a man? You don't. Don't allow contradictions into your life at all. Commit to a consistent ,drama free life. Make sure everything adds up, when it comes to men. Remember , if it puts a dent in your confidence , it's bullshit. Play like the dumb fox , until you see actions adding up to the words spoken.

The Longer You Wait The More Power You Have!

The longer you wait to like him, the more power you will have. Don't be so quick to like him. In fact , keep telling yourself, you don't know him yet, because in most cases it's true, you don't know him and in many cases, the truth doesn't come out until later! So don't like him so soon, because you have more power when you don't like him. Patience is a virtue. Remember, there are 12 months in a year and 24 hours in a day, along with days in the week. Take your time. There's no need to rush, because the year is going to go by anyway, best to invest your time into a real relationship.

Never Allow A Man To Disrespect You!

    Never , ever allow a man to disrespect you! If he's disrespecting you, then he must be respecting somebody else. That's how it works with men. Men work in Black and White codes. If he's done nothing special for you, he most likely has done something special for another woman in the past. How man times have you given in to a disrespectful man, to only notice that he's respecting the next chic? Never be that woman. Demand your respect and if he can't accept your standards, to hell with him. Remember to never compromise your confidence for anyone! Never allow him to cancel dates at the last minute, talk to you crazy, bring drama into your life, nor mistreat you in any way. I use to date a guy who was nice to me, but also full of baggage,anxiety and drama, which he brought into our relationship. I didn't even realize it, until it was too late, because i was fogged by how nice he was to me. Once i sat myself down, i realized that, he wasn't what i wanted and wasn't giving me what i needed and that was, R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  When you respect a person, you treat them the way they deserve to be treated, which was something he didn't do. Sit down and realize what it is that you need and desire and compare that with the man you're dating. Make sure it adds up. Always demand your respect.

Never be good to someone who isn't good to you.  In fact, "Love only those who love you".

How To Get A Man To Fall In Love

   On several occasions of expressing to a guy about meeting someone, I was asked on two occasions by those fellows, "does he take care of you"? , "does he give you money for your bills"? What does all that mean? Men have to invest in a woman , in order to see a relationship as real. Men show their love and affection through their money and they must invest in you somehow, in order to be connected. Make sure a man is winning and dinning you, spending money on you. Make sure he's dating you for your pleasure and not just his own, because then that means that he's doing something for you. Notice how men always talk about the woman whom they invested the most in.  If he can't do anything for you, then it's, "Next".

100% Confidence

Ever heard of it?

It's called believing in yourself and allowing no one to take that from you. 100% confidence is about have 0 insecurities. Well of course , everyone has an insecurity, but you can be confident within your insecurities. Be secure, within your insecurities, lol Don't hate yourself if you're unattractive or overweight. Just look yourself in the mirror and accept your flaws and be comfortable with it. Just deal with it.  We don't put ourselves down! Save that for haters, your only job is, to love thyself.  We don't put ourselves in situations that will undermine our confidence. Never date a man that disrespects you because if he disrespects you, he will respect the next chic. Never allow a man to play with you because you have confidence to maintain. We don't question ourselves and we don't doubt who we are. Ta hell with what people think, because here's the truth: People will soon join your band wagon. If you're 100% secure, people will treat you as your confidence reflects in itself.  If its the opposite, people will treat you according to that.  Your greatest gift is, self. Do yourself a favor and everyone else by, loving yourself. LET'S COMMIT TO THIS CAMPAIGN.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Be Totally Single or Totally Taken

Hate to break it to you but, either you are all the way single or you're all the way taken. Anybody ever told you that there is no in between. Men don't have grey areas, well at least real men don't. Men see Black and White colors only, so why do women recognize all the other primary and secondary colors in the color spectral? There is no in between with men. Remember that, men either see you as their woman or not their woman, period.

Either your plane is on a lay over to a relationship town, meaning you're courting for a relationship and or you're plane has a destination to nowhere and no lay over, either. Don't confuse sitting and letting time past your by, with time wasters, as a sign that you actually have a lay over and your patience is leading up to something. Know when you are wasting your time with the wrong man and let that be your fuel to walk away. You don't have to wait to get over anybody. You're a grown woman right? Be single all the way or all the way taken. In other words, if you don't have him the way you want him, you're not being all the way single nor all the way taken. When I say, be all the way single, I mean that.

Meaning no in between. No questions. No debating. No, is he the one questions. No stress. No pain. No lay overs to nowhere. Be all the way single. Meaning , go out , have fun. Date a little but nothing too serious , unless you know for sure that, he wants it to lead to a relationship. Enjoy your life and get yourself together. Love yourself until he comes along.

When I say be all the way taken , what I mean is, make sure he wants you and only you. Make sure he is emotionally available , mature and ready. Make sure he totally loves and adores you . He cares for you and has your best interest at heart. Make sure he has invited you into his world and recognizes you as his woman. Make sure he has showed you off and told the world about you.Make sure he treats you the way you want to be treated. Make sure you're not alone on weekends , holidays and especially not your birthday. Make sure you are his world!
If you can't be all the way taken , then show him what it is, by being all the way single.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting Closer to finding Mr. Right

Ever heard of Karma? I bet you have but how about law of attraction karma ? or relationship karma?

Law of attraction karma is the part of you that thinks, feels and attracts what you put out into the universe , with your visions, energy and chakras.You attract more of what you put out right , rather negative or positive right ? Just as, with karma , you reap what you sow.
Well , the more you think about something , and align your thoughts , feelings , behaviors , energy , and chakras with it , wala , you shall get it, boo.
With relationship karma , it works the same. What you feel, think , believe and hold within your subconscious , about love , you will also attract into your life, period! Lets go further ! Every encounter you have with a man , from friendships, platonic, dates, to relationships shape your relationship karma! If you feel like being around this man took your further back , instead of two steps ahead , then most likely , he is affecting your relationship karma. However , if being in the presence of a man takes you two steps ahead and gets you even closer to Mr. Right, then bingo! , you have enriched your karma and now you're getting closer to Mr. Right! Remember , either a man is God sent or devil sent. Stay away from any man that will affect your relationship karma in the long run. Your goal should be , to get closer to Mr. Right , in the end. You will attract more of whatever you sow into your life, so be careful of where you drop your seed.