Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Black Man Is King

I am taking the time to recognize the most powerful and beautiful man on earth , the Black man. 

Much is said negatively about the Black man but how often do you hear how strong, resilient, intelligent , handsome, and creative that he is? I'll wait...... Exactly my point.  Being that the oldest artifacts found were those which were discovered in East Africa, African is constituted as the motherland. Africa is the mother of all mankind. With that being said, it is only rightfully so to say that the first human beings to walk planet earth were BLACK people of African ancestry. This leads me to introduce you to the first woman on earth, Eve, aka, Lucy. The oldest artifacts discovered on planet earth, in the East African location was a woman. The woman being the barrier of civilization makes a great deal of sense. The Black man came from the first woman, who's artifacts were discovered, which makes him the first man to walk planet earth and the father of all mankind. The Black man is the aboriginal man of the planet. For this reason, he is king and he faces a lot of obstacles in life because of it. Many are intimidated by the Black man. White men are the most threatened by the Black man. Before being kidnapped and enslaved in North America, the Black man lived as King and was respected as King. Go to any place in the world and you will see a natural kinglinees embedded in the Black man. Black kings were strategically studied and their strengths were used against them to break down the democracy that was ingrained in them from the soils of the motherland. Due to slavery, racism, discrimination, racial profiling, and democracies created to keep the Black man from thriving, much psychological damage has occurred and the gang violence, thug behavior, theft, violence , etc that you sometimes see, is a result of the Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome that he has experienced. Do not be fooled. The negative image that is painted of the Black man in the media is not who he really is. Who he really is, is a King. Any Black man that is not conveying his kingliness with action is just one who is disconnected to his biological truth. It is in his biological DNA to be a king! For this reason even the most broken , damaged brotha still embodies swag, upright walking and an ego larger than life. Majority of Black men are strong , nice ,fun, brilliant, resilient , passionate, royal men. The media forgets to leave this out when they use countless methods to try and tear him down everyday. For every Black man that has a negative stereotype, I can point you in the direction of five Black men who are wonderfully made. Although Black men have the worst reputation on the planet and are hated by many , there are reasons for this and some of the reasons were listed above. No matter what he does, he is still your father and a son and daughter must respect and honor their father and if anything offer a helping hand if you see your parent stumbling. He is your daddy, so respect that man and then just maybe the violence and criminal behavior in some who are lost will decrease. 

Dear Black King: This letter serves to address that you are indeed a king. However, please don't use this acknowledgment as a reason to have a chip on your shoulder. Please don't use this letter as an excuse to be arrogant, talk down to the sistahs, or believe that you are king dingaling and now you can do what you want and say what you want. Please do not use this letter as a pass to smash everything in sight. Please don't use this letter as a pass to not be chilvrous. Please don't be a time waster. Do not waste a ladies time. Be honest and intentional. Please do not be oversexualized like the media has planned for you to be, in order to keep you from your kingliness. Marry the woman you pursue for sex for a change. Court a woman; love a woman. If you love someone , tell her! Do not be afraid to show your emotions ,nor your heart. Do not play games. Do not be afraid to go after the woman of your dreams. The man is the pursuer , so please do not expect pursuit. The Black woman is a Goddess. She is the most beautiful woman on the planet. She has the perfect attitude, behavior, strength, intelligence, resilience , soul, diverse complexions, shapes and she is your perfect match. The Black woman was made for the Black man and vice versa, so be loyal to her. Always prefer your own kind. Love yourself enough to love the reflection of yourself , which is the Black woman. People of African decent are a very nice , friendly and a jolly people. A king is a kind and gentle man,who also has a warrior side. I know that you are kind deep inside, MR.BLACK MAN. Stand up and continue to be the king that you already are. 

To reiterate , the Black man is brilliant, creative, resilient , sexy, passionate, kind, unique and most of all , he is the strongest man on planet earth, respect him! People can say whatever negative things they want to say about the Black man, but just make sure you call him Daddy before or after you state your negative criticisms or plots. 

The Black Man is King! 
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Please Do Not Check This Blog Any Longer (Male Decoded Has Moved)

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Male Decoded Has Moved ( New Site Available)

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Monday, April 21, 2014

A Man Will Move On You, If ....

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The same way that, a dog can smell fear and will attack and the same way a person can sense fear or weakness on another person and as a result, they will attack and the same way a police officer can sense one who doesn't know their rights and will violate  and the same way a racist White person can sense when a beautiful Black king or Black queen doesn't know their royalty, is the same exact way a man can sense when you don't know your worth and when he senses that, he will move on you! 

Put it like this , insecurity is weak. Lack of knowledge is weak. Fear is weak. Ignorance of the law is weak. Lack of self love is weak. Weakness is weakness. If you don't know who you are and you don't conduct yourself like a prize , your as good as any other weakness, that renders consequences. What makes insecurity any different. If you do not feel good about yourself when it comes to a man, that is a weakness and he will attack. Matthew 7:6 states, “Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you". Period! 

Forget this new era of men acting as if they are the prize. Although men are beautiful beyond measure and I love them dearly, this whole little, " I don't need women attitude and I'm the prize jazz is, bologna". Men have no right to act like douche bags when they need us so badly. In fact, a man with a douche bag attitude , is only playing off of your , read the above , "your weakness". A man is a predator, while a woman is prey. If a man is hungry enough he will eat. Therefore don't feed yourself into the trap, and do not throw yourself to the wolves, because if he starving, he will hunt. Do you get my drift? Men cannot even survive without women, just read the book: "the power of the pussy". Men need us and yes we need them too, but they need us just a little more. I am not for sex out of wedloc, I am just making a point here. Men cannot live without sex , while a woman can. Men need our feminine energy to balance things out. 

Ladies, din din is din-din! Just as any other situations; your weakness can lead to your devour.  Get rid of your weaknesses today. 

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Hello, Male Decoded has moved and changed locations. Please refer to my new website at www.maledecoded.com My new blog location will offer more services to my readers. I will no longer write on this site, so please visit new blog site. www.maledecoded.com Follow me @Relationships 1O

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Male Decoded Has Moved (Say Goodbye)

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Getting A Man

I've received so many blog reviews that, I finally turned my blog into something bigger. If you're interested in knowing more about the behavior of men, tune into www.maledecoded.com follow me @Relationships 1O Hello Readers: Let me start off by saying, you can do absolutely nothing to get a man. Why, you ask? Because, being with someone is simply based off of God's destiny for your life. Love will only happen for you during the right time and right place and of course, the right season. People who give advice to you about how to get a man are wasting your time. I say that they are wasting your time, because there aren't any statistics that state being this way or that way or doing this or that, will gaurantee you a man. In fact, every relationship advisor, is an expert. Why are they experts? because they succeeded in getting into a relationship and maintaining one. Its a simple as, finding the perfect diet for yourself. Finding the perfect diet for yourself does not make one an expert, however, people who diet and exercise believe their system will work for all, or at least some. I am a firm believer on, whatever works for the person, makes that person an expert at their life, no one elses. As you can see, many of my blog entries are about the male psyche, behaviors on a psychological level, as well as, people being in touch with their self, loving who they are and finding empowerment within themselves.elationship advisors are experts (sarcasm). They are experts because they figured out what worked for them and how that same strategy could work for others. They are simply projecting their own experiences onto the world. I am here to tell you, nothing you read nor or advised to do will work for you. You must design your own romance program for yourself, to see the magic happen. What works for you? What makes your heart sink? What makes your heart sing? What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What is it that you want? What should you avoid,which can be detrimental to you? I'll prove it to you. I have read that, men desire sweet women; someone who will be nice to him. I have read, "Why Men Love Bitches". I have read, "Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man". I have read, "Be A Rules Girl". I have heard, smile when you see a man. I have read, don't smile when you see a man, because it comes off as eager and desparate. I have heard, " there's nothing wrong with speaking to a man first". I have read, "Never speak to a man first". I have heard, "Men like women with meat on their bones". Everything that I read or hear contradicts the next thing. My point is, it is absolutely nothing you can do to get a man. You can smile, play games, be well dressed, be nice, loving , kind, caring, sensitive to his needs, loyal and still be single, or maybe taken. However, on the flip side of that, you can be, nasty, grumpy, bitchy, abusive, dismissive, mean, as one author suggests in her book, "Men Love Abuse". You do all those naughty things and actually be in a committed relationship and or be single. It all depends on the man you attract. Some good women attract losers, while some bad women attract winners. You have to understand your psychology to figure it out. I have observed women, that possessed unattractive traits, such as, unattractive features, bad character, etc, which society would define as a woman who can't get a man get nor keep a man and guess what? Those women were either in relationships, married, were mothers, divorced,etc. I've also observed beautiful women, who were desirable, dreamy, successful, educated and smart, whom society would consider the type of traits, which would attract and keep a man and they were some of the most single, hurt and disappointed women around town. I have heard of prostitutes and strippers, who found love, all while tricking. There are plenty of church going women, and or levelheaded women, who are single. What I am saying is, no matter what traits you possess good or bad, you can still attract a man and or you can repel a man. I once met a man who dated a woman, who told him he wasn't anything everyday. He continued to go back home to this woman. When i was as sweet as a butterfy, men ran over me. Although still sweet, when I became no non sense, aka, "why men love bithes", men fell all over me and were obssessed with me. Now, im somewhere in between and its all confusing! lol My point is, because of who I am, men have to come correct. Due to that, men are very attracted to my no non sense, hit the rode Jack, attitude. Remember ladies, this world that we live in is a joke. When you expect nothing, life falls right into your lap. When you expect greatness, you get the opposite. People want what they cant have and don't want what they have. That's an ass backwards world to live in , but unfortunately, its reality. This is not God's world. This is the devils land. This world is earthly, while God's world, is perfect and full of love and respect, no heartache. For that reason alone, you will see many contradictions in the world. In the words of my pastor, " This world for us is temporary and that's why one minute you are the cats meow and the dogs bow wow and the next minute, you're at an all time low". Do not let this world's misconceptions and contradictions have you confused! Define your reality!