Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Best Way To Get Over A break Up

The best way to get over a break up is to turn inward and to just love yourself. Don't look at him and don't question yourself and do not ask why you? Nor question if something is wrong with you! It is not you , know your worth. I don't care about any form of rejection ; I know my worth! I am now applying this same tactic to relationships. On the website , 2knowmyself, the author has a book on how to get over someone in a couple of days or weeks. It's easier than I ever thought. I learned this method naturally, after taking so long to get over Mr. Wrong . As soon as I started embracing my worth, I was able to release him even more . Now I laugh because I see him as the idiot who let me go! Ha ha . Know your worth and get over him fast.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Write Standards

 Think about it for a second?

For those of us born in America, when you were repremanded, in school, you had to write standards.

   What did standards do for you when you were a kid? Think about the imprint of the standards? " I will not talk" , " I will not run in class". I still remember the standards that I wrote in elementary school , and the point of the standards was, repetiton. The words were stuck in your head after writing a hundred of them and you thought twice before doing X, Y, and Z again, didn't you??

Write those standards daily.  100 of them. I command every woman who has made a mistake choosing the wrong man to write them

" I love myself" . "I deserve best" , " I am a good person" , " Any man would have me"



Love No Man Until He Loves You 1st


   Yes, you are first. First place. The reward and the prize. You come first. You are priority. Listen to me talk , as I minister to myself. Todays topic is about loving no man who does not love you first. In fact, as "The Rules", book discusses, "love only those who love you". Put your feelings aside and train yourself to love the one's that love you. If he has it bad for you, then it's okay to have it bad for him, but do not show your love to a man, until he first shows his tender loving care to you. Its the only way, because a man should earn your love, by first loving you, and in return he gets your love and respect. Anyone that has to work for someone else's affection appreciates and prizes that person more. It's totally psychological. Men don't appreciate what they have not earned. Play a mental game with yourself. Distant yourself , as far as you can from your emotional mental state. Do not visualize a west side love story with this man, no matter how slick his tongue is. Do not create fantasies in your head and do not have a fantasy relationship. Make him earn every bit of mental space in your head. Men, no matter how wonderful or tore up they are, believe that their love and relationship quality is special. They don't wife every woman, and nor do they want to. This helps them prize their relationship status more. Prize yourself more by using the same tactics. Use the reward system.


Ladies why do we Act so insecure? Why do we allow a man to play us? Why get played? Look yourself in the mirror and love yourself. Confide in God, to better understand why you feel the need to find your self worth in a man. Why do you let men play you? You don't have to. He does not have to be in your life. You dont need the misery. You aré the prize! He is not the prize. No man who plays you deserves you!

Let him love your first

Until then, get the books, "Not Your Mothers Rules", written for women. " The 48 Laws of Power" , written for men, and "The Art of Seduction" , written for me


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Date Spiritually

 It's so easy to be spiritual about our lives, but how spiritual are we when it comes down to dating?
Do you date spiritually? Meaning, depriving the flesh from satisfaction and aiming to suit GOD's will for your romantic life only. Dating spiritually is the only way to go because you cannot escape GOD's will nor GOD's timing for your life. There are two lives that you can have, which is, the life GOD choose for you to have and the life you choose to have. This falls under 2 paths. You can either choose your own path in life, stumble, fall, crack your head, be unfulfilled and unhappy or you can choose GOD's will for your life, and have prosperity. Anytime these signals are crossed, you will be able to look at the life that GOD has given you dominion to choose sort of like looking at life through a window. When ever you cross boundaries and cross over into the path you have chosen, you will find people, jobs, situations and further obstacles, which support this wrong path , in which you have chosen. Well at least this is true for me. The men you choose will reflect the path you have also chosen. Choose the right path, which is GOD's path,  and you will also choose the right man. Choose the right path, and in return you will choose the right friends. DATING SHOULD BE A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. Worldly dating is for the birds. Save it for the earthly. You want to experience real true love, right? Well, I hope. The only way to experience this, is through GOD. For God is love ;)

Besides life up close is no fun anyway

A Man's Secret Manual

There are 2 books being passed around by men and I always knew that I would find it and those books are, "48 Laws of Power" and " The Art of Seduction", written by Robert Greene.

Men have been passing these books around to one another for years and women have yet to find out about it!

When you read these books ,you will see traits of your Alpha male, power moves , as well as seductive moves the he probably used to lure you in and put a stop to your own charisma. It will blow your mind and make you smile altogether because once you know a mans secrets , plots and plans , it's checkmate. Get those books fast, most men have read those books. When you get these books , do not let a man know that you have read them and do not let them see you reading them. Learn his tactics and use them against him. Fight fire with fire. "All's fair n love n war"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is he worth your brain power!

Is this man worth your mental capacity?  We allow ourselves to get hurt and or fall for a man who betrayed himself to be something that he wasn't all along. We think about this man over and over and over again. For this reason, I am a advocate of  book, "The Rules". If a man hurts you and mistreats you and you know deep in your heart that you deserve better, look down on him and consider him a peasant. He is not worth your thoughts. Recently, I was hurt. After healing and realizing how I undermined my own worth, by lowering my standards, I now consider this guy who overbears my thoughts, to be a folly. If a man could mess up something with as beautiful of a woman as I am, he is folly, point blank, and period. I know , i know, "but my dad wasn't there for me"; "I was in a abusive relationship for years"; "I don't have any guys to uplift me", are some of the thoughts running through our heads. I get it! Trust me, i so do. Guess what? Change your surroundings, and pray religiously until something happens. You will then begin to see your own worth and understand that a man beneath you, that was bold enough to screw you over, mess up things with you, let you slip away and or mistreat you, surely is not worthy of your thoughts.

He blew it, and he deserves not mental space in your brain.

Make Sure That Your Pain Matches The Investment

Hello Ladies,

    Thank you for following my blog. Now lets keep up! We're so close to the finish line.

  One thing I notice is that, men usually don't get hurt and if they do , it's only once , twice tops, if he's not a smart man. Where as, a woman can get her heart broken seven times , back to back. We walk around, vulnerable and open to hurt, while men walk around with caution. Men are smart creatures and know how to close off their heart, to any vulnerability, until they see an investment on their end. A man can date for weeks, months, even years and not want a relationship with a woman that he pursues. They understand logically that, to feel such strong emotions for a person or situation that may be sense of an optical illusion is insanity. There is method to a man's madness and we need to learn from it. Women are not sexual beings like men, and therefore we're a bit more evolved in that area, than men are. However, men are not emotional creatures like women are and they are more evolved than we are in the game of love.  Always remember that, there is a method to a man's madness. They have this love thing figured out, Women have yet to grasp the notion of reality verses fantasy, in this love game and therefore we get hurt over and over again, without remorse for ourselves, and we allow men to talk us out of this notion, by falling into their famous line , " I can tell you've been hurt and you are protecting yourself", so that they can pull us in whatever direction that they please. We as women are using our fantasy as a false investment , in order to justify our broke hearts and hurt feelings. Men may get hurt at times but guess what, they reap the investment. They may be hurt but in their eyes they conquered, which balances out the hurt. When you feel pain and or heartbreak but you can look back at your situation and say, "well I loved"; I got that commitment"; "He supported me"; "We had a child together", "He or she supported me financially", "We married"; "We fornicated", "He gave me his all", and etc, getting over the situation is a lot easier for the ego to comprehend, because then it's easier to put the blame on the other person, such as, "he or she has the problem , not I". Oh, but when your pain is shortchanged , with a lack of no investment towards you , and you receive nothing in return, it is more damaging for the ego to comprehend. In fact, it does not make sense to the logical self to feel such strong emotions , where there is no true love. Ladies if you're going to feel pain, make sure it equals out to an investment on your end. If you feel pain on a level 8 , then the investment of what you reap from the guy should be at a level 10 , which dominates the pain. If you feel heartache on a level 5  , be sure your investment is at a level 7 or 8. Do not walk around like a loose cannon , easily hurt and ready for heartache. If you do, then  you risk the ratios being off. Make sure that what you get from a man can and will dominate any pain or heartache that you experience.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Think like feline

Cats , next to monkeys have the closest comparable intelligence to humans. They are brilliant animals , with a method to their madness. Cats first off of all work for no one persons affection. They have a kiss my ass , earn it and then we can talk aura. Similar to children, cats are natural animal seducers. If we as women watch and learn from cats, we will be so ahead. Cats trust no one. All trust must be earned. Cats don't give it up! Female felines are very selective about their suitors and even when they choose a cat, to mate with , believe me he works for it. Even before sex , female cats are ver resistant and play a cat and mouse game before the actual capture. They may want it but they won't let Mr. Know it! Lol
Cats play hard to get! Cats do not purrrrrrr to the first person that pets them and or feeds them. Nope, they consider you to be a seducer trying to win their affections. Cats are very appreciated animals for a reason. They don't give in, until they know you have earned it. Cats are manipulators. They know how to get what they want. Cats are very intelligent. They use logic in every situation. Anybody can turn on You one day.Cats have supreme confidence. They know their worth and you ain't touching on it. Cats don't let anyone question their worth! They know that they are spectacular. Speak negative to a cat or mistreat them and they will shun you for life! They need consistent and continuous love. Stop loving them and they will leave you for life. In fact they shun anyone who doesn't have love for them. Show nonchalance towards a cat and they will ignore you! they consider you to not be worth their time, if you cant see how great they are .Cats don't like to be left at home for too long and if you do leave them, they consider that neglect and will let you have it! Cats know when you are upset with them and they will come out of their cave when you cool down. Cats love like no ones business. Cats are secretive creatures. Cats are independent . They may love you but they can also live without you. Cats are weary and cautious. Cats are intuitive. If there is something that is not right about you and they feel harms way , they will stay away and not Trust you. Cats can also feel your pain. Cats like who they like and there is No way of talking them away. Cats are very sensitive to Negativity, screams ,Shouts, verbal abuse of any sort , etc. They are peaceful animals and cannot be around Abrupt things,otherwise they step out of character. Cats are not an easy capture but once with you, you got them for life, well at least for the time being, lol When they love you and cherish you and purrrrrrr just for you and rub up against your feet , you will then understand what all the fuss is about because a cats affection is to die for!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wear a Dress!

A long time ago, a young lady told me to wear dresses more often because it is feminine and makes men feel more comfortable approaching a woman. I totally fought her on it, because i have never had a problem attracting a man. IN fact, i use to not wear dresses because my sex appeal is so strong. I was thinking to myself, I am me and I'm great as i am and nothing i do is unnatural, period. I will wear dresses if and when i feel like it. I totally have some cute and unique dresses at home and so i wore one in the summer and then another one and realized that she was right! Dresses do something to you and make you have feminine super powers! It is truly surreal. You feel softer , act softer and get the treatment from men that you deserve. Wearing a dress gives you more power anyway! Dresses give you a nonchalance confidence that only a feminine garment can bring about! ever notice what you're wearing when you feel rejected , get disrespected and or feel insecure? when you dress softly, no matter if you are wearing a dress, skirt, pastel color, heels , sandals, lipstick , lip gloss , it will give you the power. Men go crazy over a woman showing legs, a dainty swag , and heels. They don't know what to do. Men cannot resist a woman who wears dressed, sandals, nor heels. They go crazy over it! In fact, they feel emasculated whenever they step out of line with a woman wearing a dress. Dresses will also give you a no nonsense attitude. Dresses make a man weak in the knees.
So don't stray , wear that dress. Be natural of course and do not wear a dress unless you really desire to.