Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Make Sure That Your Pain Matches The Investment

Hello Ladies,

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  One thing I notice is that, men usually don't get hurt and if they do , it's only once , twice tops, if he's not a smart man. Where as, a woman can get her heart broken seven times , back to back. We walk around, vulnerable and open to hurt, while men walk around with caution. Men are smart creatures and know how to close off their heart, to any vulnerability, until they see an investment on their end. A man can date for weeks, months, even years and not want a relationship with a woman that he pursues. They understand logically that, to feel such strong emotions for a person or situation that may be sense of an optical illusion is insanity. There is method to a man's madness and we need to learn from it. Women are not sexual beings like men, and therefore we're a bit more evolved in that area, than men are. However, men are not emotional creatures like women are and they are more evolved than we are in the game of love.  Always remember that, there is a method to a man's madness. They have this love thing figured out, Women have yet to grasp the notion of reality verses fantasy, in this love game and therefore we get hurt over and over again, without remorse for ourselves, and we allow men to talk us out of this notion, by falling into their famous line , " I can tell you've been hurt and you are protecting yourself", so that they can pull us in whatever direction that they please. We as women are using our fantasy as a false investment , in order to justify our broke hearts and hurt feelings. Men may get hurt at times but guess what, they reap the investment. They may be hurt but in their eyes they conquered, which balances out the hurt. When you feel pain and or heartbreak but you can look back at your situation and say, "well I loved"; I got that commitment"; "He supported me"; "We had a child together", "He or she supported me financially", "We married"; "We fornicated", "He gave me his all", and etc, getting over the situation is a lot easier for the ego to comprehend, because then it's easier to put the blame on the other person, such as, "he or she has the problem , not I". Oh, but when your pain is shortchanged , with a lack of no investment towards you , and you receive nothing in return, it is more damaging for the ego to comprehend. In fact, it does not make sense to the logical self to feel such strong emotions , where there is no true love. Ladies if you're going to feel pain, make sure it equals out to an investment on your end. If you feel pain on a level 8 , then the investment of what you reap from the guy should be at a level 10 , which dominates the pain. If you feel heartache on a level 5  , be sure your investment is at a level 7 or 8. Do not walk around like a loose cannon , easily hurt and ready for heartache. If you do, then  you risk the ratios being off. Make sure that what you get from a man can and will dominate any pain or heartache that you experience.

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