Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wear a Dress!

A long time ago, a young lady told me to wear dresses more often because it is feminine and makes men feel more comfortable approaching a woman. I totally fought her on it, because i have never had a problem attracting a man. IN fact, i use to not wear dresses because my sex appeal is so strong. I was thinking to myself, I am me and I'm great as i am and nothing i do is unnatural, period. I will wear dresses if and when i feel like it. I totally have some cute and unique dresses at home and so i wore one in the summer and then another one and realized that she was right! Dresses do something to you and make you have feminine super powers! It is truly surreal. You feel softer , act softer and get the treatment from men that you deserve. Wearing a dress gives you more power anyway! Dresses give you a nonchalance confidence that only a feminine garment can bring about! ever notice what you're wearing when you feel rejected , get disrespected and or feel insecure? when you dress softly, no matter if you are wearing a dress, skirt, pastel color, heels , sandals, lipstick , lip gloss , it will give you the power. Men go crazy over a woman showing legs, a dainty swag , and heels. They don't know what to do. Men cannot resist a woman who wears dressed, sandals, nor heels. They go crazy over it! In fact, they feel emasculated whenever they step out of line with a woman wearing a dress. Dresses will also give you a no nonsense attitude. Dresses make a man weak in the knees.
So don't stray , wear that dress. Be natural of course and do not wear a dress unless you really desire to.

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