Saturday, May 11, 2013

Think like feline

Cats , next to monkeys have the closest comparable intelligence to humans. They are brilliant animals , with a method to their madness. Cats first off of all work for no one persons affection. They have a kiss my ass , earn it and then we can talk aura. Similar to children, cats are natural animal seducers. If we as women watch and learn from cats, we will be so ahead. Cats trust no one. All trust must be earned. Cats don't give it up! Female felines are very selective about their suitors and even when they choose a cat, to mate with , believe me he works for it. Even before sex , female cats are ver resistant and play a cat and mouse game before the actual capture. They may want it but they won't let Mr. Know it! Lol
Cats play hard to get! Cats do not purrrrrrr to the first person that pets them and or feeds them. Nope, they consider you to be a seducer trying to win their affections. Cats are very appreciated animals for a reason. They don't give in, until they know you have earned it. Cats are manipulators. They know how to get what they want. Cats are very intelligent. They use logic in every situation. Anybody can turn on You one day.Cats have supreme confidence. They know their worth and you ain't touching on it. Cats don't let anyone question their worth! They know that they are spectacular. Speak negative to a cat or mistreat them and they will shun you for life! They need consistent and continuous love. Stop loving them and they will leave you for life. In fact they shun anyone who doesn't have love for them. Show nonchalance towards a cat and they will ignore you! they consider you to not be worth their time, if you cant see how great they are .Cats don't like to be left at home for too long and if you do leave them, they consider that neglect and will let you have it! Cats know when you are upset with them and they will come out of their cave when you cool down. Cats love like no ones business. Cats are secretive creatures. Cats are independent . They may love you but they can also live without you. Cats are weary and cautious. Cats are intuitive. If there is something that is not right about you and they feel harms way , they will stay away and not Trust you. Cats can also feel your pain. Cats like who they like and there is No way of talking them away. Cats are very sensitive to Negativity, screams ,Shouts, verbal abuse of any sort , etc. They are peaceful animals and cannot be around Abrupt things,otherwise they step out of character. Cats are not an easy capture but once with you, you got them for life, well at least for the time being, lol When they love you and cherish you and purrrrrrr just for you and rub up against your feet , you will then understand what all the fuss is about because a cats affection is to die for!

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