Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is he worth your brain power!

Is this man worth your mental capacity?  We allow ourselves to get hurt and or fall for a man who betrayed himself to be something that he wasn't all along. We think about this man over and over and over again. For this reason, I am a advocate of  book, "The Rules". If a man hurts you and mistreats you and you know deep in your heart that you deserve better, look down on him and consider him a peasant. He is not worth your thoughts. Recently, I was hurt. After healing and realizing how I undermined my own worth, by lowering my standards, I now consider this guy who overbears my thoughts, to be a folly. If a man could mess up something with as beautiful of a woman as I am, he is folly, point blank, and period. I know , i know, "but my dad wasn't there for me"; "I was in a abusive relationship for years"; "I don't have any guys to uplift me", are some of the thoughts running through our heads. I get it! Trust me, i so do. Guess what? Change your surroundings, and pray religiously until something happens. You will then begin to see your own worth and understand that a man beneath you, that was bold enough to screw you over, mess up things with you, let you slip away and or mistreat you, surely is not worthy of your thoughts.

He blew it, and he deserves not mental space in your brain.

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