Sunday, March 31, 2013

Players last only a short period

In the words of Alexandra Fox, players don't last that long. A couple of months , tops. No man playing any game is going to work too hard to get you because he's a chump anyway, so play hard and win hard! Men running game last only a short while , because they wasn't in it to win it anyway! Expect the truth from any man within a couple of months! Read the signs slowly

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Men Will Treat You

Hello Lady bugs,

Ever wonder why some men treat you the way they do?

Men will treat you the way you treat yourself! In other words, if you exude a presence that says, pamper me, then thou shall be pampered. On the other hand, if your presence says, I don't expect much from you, in fact, I don't deserve good treatment, nor a good man at all, then that you shall get. Men , no matter how nice they are and no matter who you think they are, will treat any woman the way she allows herself to be treated. This is the reason why you will notice that some women are treated certain ways, while other women are treated in other ways. In fact, no matter what kind of woman you are , the difference between one woman and the next woman is, her demands, aura and the energy she gives off , which will lead to the treatment she receives from a man. Understand with all your heart that, the energy you give off, will lead to how a man responds to you. Why is it that one man will cater to one woman and that very same man may mistreat the next woman. The difference is, one woman wasn't having it and another woman allowed it. Notice how high maintenance/ princess types get what they want from men. I'm not saying act like these woman, just observe their technique. These women get what they want because they have one thing in mind,and that one thing is, self! Have you ever noticed how women who aren't so attractive and or women who may be slightly overweight and here's my favorite , women who don't have much going for themselves get the good guys to treat them with the utmost respect? Ever notice that? While women who are very attractive, and have something going for themselves sometimes don't get what they want. I wonder what the difference is , hmmmm , lets see. One woman knows what she wants and knows how she wants to be treated and also believes she deserves this, while the other woman may not be clear on what she deserves, how she wants to be treated and may not believe she deserves the great treatment at all. This same woman may not be in tuned with what energy she gives off. Be not desperate and know exactly what your worth is and know how you deserve to be treated, because whatever you think of yourself romantically is the aura you give off to men.

Check your energy ladies, because you may be sending the right and or wrong message to a man. Men pick up on your personal signal , similar to how dogs and cats pick up on a silent whistle. Dogs and cats are the only animals that can hear that silent whistle , just like only men pick up on that romantic signal that you send out. Men watch our every move to learn us, similar to the way we study the mechanics of things. Men are looking for the signals because they know nothing else to do . In fact, that's all they have so everything that you do, they are reading your signals , similar to the way a person responds to a whistle. Men are like animals. Pat them when they whine , pat them when they behave and rub their belly when they do a trick! Scooby doo.

Remember, that no matter how good a guy is, he was an asshole to someone at some point, don't get it twisted.

Be aware of your silent signal