Friday, March 19, 2010

What Happened to Real Men ( and the chase)

According to Mimi Tammer: This is what she has to say about the game

"For a GREAT woman, a man may grovel if he has been
ignoring her and is about to lose her! Then IMHO a
wise man will make his feelings clear.

It IS possible for a woman to take ignoring a man
too far - to the point that he thinks she doesn't
like him at all. (That is not what she did here.
All she did was ignore him for a short while
because she knew something was not right.)

On the other hand, so many men are afraid to step up
to the plate and go after a woman. What a waste.
And like this man, they expect HER to go after him!!

They say, "Hey, the phone is a 2-way street."

Whatever happened to the chase? Men who REALLY
WANT a woman will, will, will chase her!

And women like to be wanted. Men - when they are not
suppressing their innate desire to chase - like to
"catch" a woman, too. It's intensely rewarding for
them to finally "get the girl
" - and this is the
storyline for just about every love story.

The Chase can be a very mutually rewarding experience
but society only has itself to blame for breeding a
generation of girly men
. Men are now scared to death
of our wrath and they cover their bases and cower -
and now we women have to deal with the fallout and
no one is very happy!"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Emotionally Unavailable Men

Although men are more complex than given credit for, they aren't as complex as they seem. They are simple as well. With a man there's rarely an in between, they're either in or out. Men are action oriented, so if his actions are contradictory with his words, believe his actions!!!! If he has one foot out the door, while the other one is in, he's emotionally unavaliable. If he says he'll call and never does, he's not available. If he texts all the time, and uses online forums, or computer devices, such as emailing, facebook, BBM, he's emotionally unavaiable, do not be fooled! What man that is mentally ready avoids live contact? not a man that's really into you, that's embracing your glow. If he is not making you apart of his world and seems quite distant, he's emotionally unavailable. If he keeps you at arms length, beware. If he says he wants to see you, yet breaks dates, flakes, never calls to cancel and comes around when he wants to, he's emotionally unavilable. If he's recently out of a relationships or still carrying baggage from his last relationship, stay clear. Don't waste your time trying to figure out an emotionally unavailable man's agenda, because if a man really wants to be with you, there will be no second guessing or analyzing the situation. He won't be driving you crazy, with confusing thoughts of, "he loves me, he loves me not" or "he seemed so excited to be around me last Tuesday but things have changed since then" kind of thoughts.

If he's sending mix messages and he's not your partner, nor making you apart of his world, he is not avaliable emotionally. Allow no excuses to steer you clear from knowing this. If he has excuses about his current mental state, then there you go, there's the confirmation of an emotionally unavailable man!

If a man is actively, and strongly seeking you, and wants to be with you, there will be no skepticism. He will not be questionable because he will be so available to you!

Don't Believe

Don't believe that anything you do will cause a man not to desire you. If he doesn't desire you than that's what it is. If a person wants to be in your life, than there's nothing you can do to change that otherwise. Don't think for one second that, something you said or did pushed him away. If he really wants to be in your life, he will allow nothing to hold him back. Think about it, your friends know exactly what to do in order to make you feel good, and they don't judge you or end friendships with you when you do certain things, so why would he? "If a man desires you, ain't no running him off"-Steve Harvey. Men play against this and try to make you feel like you have done something to make them want you or not desire you, but this is far from the truth. A man will think how he wants to think about you, regardless of what you do or say.

Be yourself , enjoy yourself, do you, live your life. Don't believe for one second you have done something to turn him against you!

Either he wants you or not

Friday, March 12, 2010

Men treat you the way you treat yourself.

Men size you up from day one. They notice everything about you. They notice what you accept from them, what you don't accept and what you stand for and value. A man first notices how you treat yourself. If he sees that, you expect only the best for yourself, he will then know how to correspond. Men may even test you to see just how much you value yourself. If he has nothing to offer but crumbs and you entertain him, he knows you do not expect the best for yourself in romance. A man analyzes if you are high or low maintaenece. If you don't treat yourself well, nor will he. If you respect yourself, then so will he.
P.S. The men that complain about the quote un quote gold diggers, no non sense, spoiled, higher than thou on a pedistol chicks, are the one's they fall for and commit to. Why, because men know one thing, "she values herself and won't take any thing less than what she desires". They'll never tell you this because, a man will treat you which ever way benenfits him most.

Men treat you the way they see you treating yourself.