Friday, March 12, 2010

Men treat you the way you treat yourself.

Men size you up from day one. They notice everything about you. They notice what you accept from them, what you don't accept and what you stand for and value. A man first notices how you treat yourself. If he sees that, you expect only the best for yourself, he will then know how to correspond. Men may even test you to see just how much you value yourself. If he has nothing to offer but crumbs and you entertain him, he knows you do not expect the best for yourself in romance. A man analyzes if you are high or low maintaenece. If you don't treat yourself well, nor will he. If you respect yourself, then so will he.
P.S. The men that complain about the quote un quote gold diggers, no non sense, spoiled, higher than thou on a pedistol chicks, are the one's they fall for and commit to. Why, because men know one thing, "she values herself and won't take any thing less than what she desires". They'll never tell you this because, a man will treat you which ever way benenfits him most.

Men treat you the way they see you treating yourself.

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