Friday, March 19, 2010

What Happened to Real Men ( and the chase)

According to Mimi Tammer: This is what she has to say about the game

"For a GREAT woman, a man may grovel if he has been
ignoring her and is about to lose her! Then IMHO a
wise man will make his feelings clear.

It IS possible for a woman to take ignoring a man
too far - to the point that he thinks she doesn't
like him at all. (That is not what she did here.
All she did was ignore him for a short while
because she knew something was not right.)

On the other hand, so many men are afraid to step up
to the plate and go after a woman. What a waste.
And like this man, they expect HER to go after him!!

They say, "Hey, the phone is a 2-way street."

Whatever happened to the chase? Men who REALLY
WANT a woman will, will, will chase her!

And women like to be wanted. Men - when they are not
suppressing their innate desire to chase - like to
"catch" a woman, too. It's intensely rewarding for
them to finally "get the girl
" - and this is the
storyline for just about every love story.

The Chase can be a very mutually rewarding experience
but society only has itself to blame for breeding a
generation of girly men
. Men are now scared to death
of our wrath and they cover their bases and cower -
and now we women have to deal with the fallout and
no one is very happy!"

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  1. so women , don't help a man chase you, it is in their nature to chase, and seek after. There's still some real men out there, so wait for the manly man, not the cowardly one!