Thursday, March 18, 2010

Emotionally Unavailable Men

Although men are more complex than given credit for, they aren't as complex as they seem. They are simple as well. With a man there's rarely an in between, they're either in or out. Men are action oriented, so if his actions are contradictory with his words, believe his actions!!!! If he has one foot out the door, while the other one is in, he's emotionally unavaliable. If he says he'll call and never does, he's not available. If he texts all the time, and uses online forums, or computer devices, such as emailing, facebook, BBM, he's emotionally unavaiable, do not be fooled! What man that is mentally ready avoids live contact? not a man that's really into you, that's embracing your glow. If he is not making you apart of his world and seems quite distant, he's emotionally unavailable. If he keeps you at arms length, beware. If he says he wants to see you, yet breaks dates, flakes, never calls to cancel and comes around when he wants to, he's emotionally unavilable. If he's recently out of a relationships or still carrying baggage from his last relationship, stay clear. Don't waste your time trying to figure out an emotionally unavailable man's agenda, because if a man really wants to be with you, there will be no second guessing or analyzing the situation. He won't be driving you crazy, with confusing thoughts of, "he loves me, he loves me not" or "he seemed so excited to be around me last Tuesday but things have changed since then" kind of thoughts.

If he's sending mix messages and he's not your partner, nor making you apart of his world, he is not avaliable emotionally. Allow no excuses to steer you clear from knowing this. If he has excuses about his current mental state, then there you go, there's the confirmation of an emotionally unavailable man!

If a man is actively, and strongly seeking you, and wants to be with you, there will be no skepticism. He will not be questionable because he will be so available to you!

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