Thursday, March 18, 2010

Don't Believe

Don't believe that anything you do will cause a man not to desire you. If he doesn't desire you than that's what it is. If a person wants to be in your life, than there's nothing you can do to change that otherwise. Don't think for one second that, something you said or did pushed him away. If he really wants to be in your life, he will allow nothing to hold him back. Think about it, your friends know exactly what to do in order to make you feel good, and they don't judge you or end friendships with you when you do certain things, so why would he? "If a man desires you, ain't no running him off"-Steve Harvey. Men play against this and try to make you feel like you have done something to make them want you or not desire you, but this is far from the truth. A man will think how he wants to think about you, regardless of what you do or say.

Be yourself , enjoy yourself, do you, live your life. Don't believe for one second you have done something to turn him against you!

Either he wants you or not

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