Thursday, May 16, 2013

Love No Man Until He Loves You 1st


   Yes, you are first. First place. The reward and the prize. You come first. You are priority. Listen to me talk , as I minister to myself. Todays topic is about loving no man who does not love you first. In fact, as "The Rules", book discusses, "love only those who love you". Put your feelings aside and train yourself to love the one's that love you. If he has it bad for you, then it's okay to have it bad for him, but do not show your love to a man, until he first shows his tender loving care to you. Its the only way, because a man should earn your love, by first loving you, and in return he gets your love and respect. Anyone that has to work for someone else's affection appreciates and prizes that person more. It's totally psychological. Men don't appreciate what they have not earned. Play a mental game with yourself. Distant yourself , as far as you can from your emotional mental state. Do not visualize a west side love story with this man, no matter how slick his tongue is. Do not create fantasies in your head and do not have a fantasy relationship. Make him earn every bit of mental space in your head. Men, no matter how wonderful or tore up they are, believe that their love and relationship quality is special. They don't wife every woman, and nor do they want to. This helps them prize their relationship status more. Prize yourself more by using the same tactics. Use the reward system.


Ladies why do we Act so insecure? Why do we allow a man to play us? Why get played? Look yourself in the mirror and love yourself. Confide in God, to better understand why you feel the need to find your self worth in a man. Why do you let men play you? You don't have to. He does not have to be in your life. You dont need the misery. You aré the prize! He is not the prize. No man who plays you deserves you!

Let him love your first

Until then, get the books, "Not Your Mothers Rules", written for women. " The 48 Laws of Power" , written for men, and "The Art of Seduction" , written for me


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