Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Date Spiritually

 It's so easy to be spiritual about our lives, but how spiritual are we when it comes down to dating?
Do you date spiritually? Meaning, depriving the flesh from satisfaction and aiming to suit GOD's will for your romantic life only. Dating spiritually is the only way to go because you cannot escape GOD's will nor GOD's timing for your life. There are two lives that you can have, which is, the life GOD choose for you to have and the life you choose to have. This falls under 2 paths. You can either choose your own path in life, stumble, fall, crack your head, be unfulfilled and unhappy or you can choose GOD's will for your life, and have prosperity. Anytime these signals are crossed, you will be able to look at the life that GOD has given you dominion to choose sort of like looking at life through a window. When ever you cross boundaries and cross over into the path you have chosen, you will find people, jobs, situations and further obstacles, which support this wrong path , in which you have chosen. Well at least this is true for me. The men you choose will reflect the path you have also chosen. Choose the right path, which is GOD's path,  and you will also choose the right man. Choose the right path, and in return you will choose the right friends. DATING SHOULD BE A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. Worldly dating is for the birds. Save it for the earthly. You want to experience real true love, right? Well, I hope. The only way to experience this, is through GOD. For God is love ;)

Besides life up close is no fun anyway

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