Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Man's Secret Manual

There are 2 books being passed around by men and I always knew that I would find it and those books are, "48 Laws of Power" and " The Art of Seduction", written by Robert Greene.

Men have been passing these books around to one another for years and women have yet to find out about it!

When you read these books ,you will see traits of your Alpha male, power moves , as well as seductive moves the he probably used to lure you in and put a stop to your own charisma. It will blow your mind and make you smile altogether because once you know a mans secrets , plots and plans , it's checkmate. Get those books fast, most men have read those books. When you get these books , do not let a man know that you have read them and do not let them see you reading them. Learn his tactics and use them against him. Fight fire with fire. "All's fair n love n war"

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