Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Men Are Like Children

While studying men and children, I see similarities between the two. Men are like children in so many ways. They want to believe they are first , even if they are last. They need rules , standards and routines. They don't understand women, all that much. Like children , men need constant reinforcement. Like children, men need lots of attention. Men also need a lot of admiration and respect. Men are charismatic and even manipulative like children. Study a child , and you will have studied a man.

As you know, you have to be careful with children. Children watch everything you do and learn only from your actions. Men are the same way. They are reinforced by every action. You may not know it but he's watching you and learning you, like a child does with an adult. This is how he knows what he can and can't do or what he can and can't get away with. 

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