Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting Closer to finding Mr. Right

Ever heard of Karma? I bet you have but how about law of attraction karma ? or relationship karma?

Law of attraction karma is the part of you that thinks, feels and attracts what you put out into the universe , with your visions, energy and chakras.You attract more of what you put out right , rather negative or positive right ? Just as, with karma , you reap what you sow.
Well , the more you think about something , and align your thoughts , feelings , behaviors , energy , and chakras with it , wala , you shall get it, boo.
With relationship karma , it works the same. What you feel, think , believe and hold within your subconscious , about love , you will also attract into your life, period! Lets go further ! Every encounter you have with a man , from friendships, platonic, dates, to relationships shape your relationship karma! If you feel like being around this man took your further back , instead of two steps ahead , then most likely , he is affecting your relationship karma. However , if being in the presence of a man takes you two steps ahead and gets you even closer to Mr. Right, then bingo! , you have enriched your karma and now you're getting closer to Mr. Right! Remember , either a man is God sent or devil sent. Stay away from any man that will affect your relationship karma in the long run. Your goal should be , to get closer to Mr. Right , in the end. You will attract more of whatever you sow into your life, so be careful of where you drop your seed.

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