Wednesday, June 26, 2013

100% Confidence

Ever heard of it?

It's called believing in yourself and allowing no one to take that from you. 100% confidence is about have 0 insecurities. Well of course , everyone has an insecurity, but you can be confident within your insecurities. Be secure, within your insecurities, lol Don't hate yourself if you're unattractive or overweight. Just look yourself in the mirror and accept your flaws and be comfortable with it. Just deal with it.  We don't put ourselves down! Save that for haters, your only job is, to love thyself.  We don't put ourselves in situations that will undermine our confidence. Never date a man that disrespects you because if he disrespects you, he will respect the next chic. Never allow a man to play with you because you have confidence to maintain. We don't question ourselves and we don't doubt who we are. Ta hell with what people think, because here's the truth: People will soon join your band wagon. If you're 100% secure, people will treat you as your confidence reflects in itself.  If its the opposite, people will treat you according to that.  Your greatest gift is, self. Do yourself a favor and everyone else by, loving yourself. LET'S COMMIT TO THIS CAMPAIGN.

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