Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Never React To A Man's Bad Behavior

Never react to a man that shows bad behavior. It only reinforces his behavior and then on top of that , it makes him feel special. Oh no, we can't have that. Never blow up with emotions towards a man because he only justifies it into his "amazingness" being the cause of your irresistible emotions and anger towards him. I learned the hard way that , negative attention is still suitable attention to a man. In the words of Robert Greene , "it's best to be talked about negatively then to be ignored". Don't be his self esteem booster, if he's messed up. That's the last thing you want to do. The best way to teach a man a lesson is , SSN - Silence , Space and No Reaction. Lets change the abbreviation of social security number to , the new SSN=silence, space and no reaction. When a man is out of control or misbehaving , just pull back and shut him out. The best way to check a man is with silence and space. Try your hardest not to react nor pitch a bitch. Besides, more messages are communicated through silence , and withdrawal then with words. And men are the gender of no words. They speak less and act more. Let him figure out your feelings on his own , by reading your actions. Think about it? How man times has a man communicated with you about how he felt and what he was going to do do and how he was going to do it. Did he ever tell you he was going to disappoint you, cheat on you, mistreat you, make you cry, disrespect you or get on your damn nerves? I think not! He just showed you. Well you have to speak the language of the person you interact with. Men are of few words. Never react, just treat him like a stepchild when he steps out of line. Remember that, reacting does not show 100% confidence, only silence and space can do that ;). Until next time

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