Friday, June 1, 2012

Remember One Thing

When it comes to men, all you need to do is, remember one thing! Does he make you feel good or bad? How does he make you feel? Forget the shananagins and the he say she say. Forget what he says and forget all the books. Consult two things and keep your mind focused on the most important key factor. The fist thing to remember is, your self esteem. Always feel good about yourself. The second most important key factor is, to remember one thing, does he make you feel good? Does it feel good? If he doesn't make you feel good, if he puts you down, downgrades you or demeans you, f*** him! Always ask yourself and take note on how the man in your life is making you feel. Do an analysis everyday, if you have to. If it doesn't feel good, it isn't right, period! People are supposed to bring out the best in you, not the worst. Even if you aren't the most confident person in the world, who cares, the man in your life should be bringing some sort of Diva out of you, or Queen Elizebeth attitude out of you that makes you feel on top of the world. IF you aren't confident, he should be so into you, so willing to please you and make you happy that, it just blows your head up and makes you re evaluate your own negative self perception. Ever met a man that made you feel so on top that, you forgot how to hate your self. I mean, this man was such a compliment to your character that, you couldn't help but love yourself. Thats the feeling i'm talking about ladies, a man that brings out the best in you. If you are like me, and you do know the truth about your self and you have high esteem, then just listen for one thing, how he makes you feel. Ever been around a man who totally shited on your esteem. I mean, he beat up on your character and undermined your greatness and maybe even downplayed your essence. Well, in the words of an author, "if you're not feeling cherished, you need to raise your standards". Men who make you feel bad, should be dumped right in the space that they abused you in. Leave the energy where ever it started. Your feelings are your guide. If you feel jealous, insecure, unsure, bad, unappreciated, or angry, let that be your guide. What's the use of a man being in your life, if he isn't going to enhance it? That's the whole point of being in touch with how he makes you feel. Chances are, if he makes you feel badly, then he needs to go, and if he makes you feel good , well, he can stay a while. Be no non sense when it comes to men. If in the beginning he does or says one thing that makes you feel bad, kick him to the curb. If you were a corporation, he would be on his best behavior during his 90 day probational period and if he loved and appreciated his job, he would do whatever it took to keep the job! The key thing is, if he is not making you feel good, its because he's either smelling himself, not that into you, or doesn't cherish you enough to feel like he needs to try and impress you. Ever met a prick who was on his best behavior around his woman? Ever met a prick who humilated and spoke badly to his girlfriend? Now you get my drift. All you need to know is, does he make you feel good or bad, and how does being around him feel. All the other stuff doesn't matter. Let that be your guide to remember. Does he make you feel good or bad?

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  1. I'm fucked, I figured it what to do. Betrayal is a mf. I missed it in him but saw it in other's I didn't LOVE this way. Hurt I am.Married to him I am.scared, afraid lost .disrepected I feel.