Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Man's Eve


This New Years, ladies let's know the truth and start it off right!

No more games , no more lies, and no more fake stuff. Be happy to be alive and invest in yourself.

Never believe in your heart everything a man tells you, believe what GOD tells you. Believe who God uses as a vessel. The flesh is thirsty and is always in need of something. Man lies, GOD cannot tell a lie. Man is of flesh, GOD is of spirit. As my pastor said yesterday, seek advice from Godly men and Godly women.

I have been hearing a lot of garbage about brothas requesting for Black women and or women in general to become more sexually flexible and promiscuous and as a result, that will help them keep a man. Now women, hear me when i say this. At no point ever, will sex get nor keep a man. Never, ever!! Men stay for more reasons beyond sex. Save your virtuosity and never give that up to the average Jone. Be the most flexible with your husband and the man you love. Do not be nasty and flexible with just any ol man. That will never get nor keep him. It will only categorize you as a nasty piece of meet that he will never respect nor remember and discard afterwards. Men speak about sex a lot, but that's only because they're more physical. They don't know what they really want, and its your job to show them. Men only remember and honor the women who don't give it up. Remember that! Don't be a man's toy. Remember the previous blog about oxytocins and soul ties. Not to mention HIV. A man has nothing to risk when he sexes, aside from HIV and diseases. A woman risks herself for Diseases, HIV, oxytocins, and soul ties. A man has nothing to lose, so let the man who risks nothing talk you into doing something, if you want to. It will only leave you empty in the end.

Brothas may rub their encounters , with the other races of women, who allow that type of trashy, permiscuious behavior,to Black women. Guess what, nothing is better than soul. Nothing is better than a Queen or King so pleaseeeee. If you don't think so, you have serious issues of self hatred. Brothas have so much self hatred, they don't even understand how to have self love, nor have cultural love first. You don't ever speak of another to a sistah. That's just plain mean and its gloating. It's like kicking someone when their down. It shows anger issues. No one is going to get tricked into a trap of fulfilling your most nasty sexual fantasies, without your earning it. Other men of other cultures never, ever disrespect their women and or express their desires for another to the women in their culture. That's called having no respect for your culture. Brothas have been tricked into believing that its okay to down grade their people , their women and culture. You can love everyone, but you must first love yourself, point blank, period. Respect your women and stop hating us because you have issues, insecurities and emasculation complexes. Get your shit together. Is it pro hispanic, when a hispanic person speaks highly of their own kind? No. Is it pro White, when a White person speaks highly of its own kind? No. Is it pro Asian, when Asians speak highly of their own kind?No. but when a Black person speaks highly of their own kind, its pro Black? smh

Be virtuous ladies and save yourself for your husband, that is GOD's word and GOD's intentions. God will never approve of casual sex. Never take advice from a worldly, unGodly man. Why? because those aren't the women they respect nor marry, no matter what they say. Be sexually open and flexible with your husband. Let the man with nothing have blue balls. You are not his trash.

Happy 2012

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