Thursday, September 13, 2012

Make Friends

I am finding myself to be a strong advocate of this friend thing. In today's world, we rush everything! Even our relationships, as discussed in the last blog entry. Well, I have just the answer. How about dating the friendship first, you'll save so much time in the mean time. Now, if you don't mind wasting your precious little time, then bigolly, continue to speed date and you will surely run through lots of guys and waste lots of time ;). Here's the thing, when you meet a guy, you don't know who he is, nor if he matches the items on your ideal man list. Remember, he could be geeky, nerdy, corny, too nice, a yes man, a gay man, a use to be married man, a felon, a mentally ill patient, an abuser, STD, or HIV prone. He may even be a baby daddy. You don't know him, nor his idiosyncrasies, so don't act like you do. Unless you're psychic, there is no such thing as knowing somebody. First off, small steps should be taken, and as nature takes it's course, and God's will agrees, then you and the man can move through each stage, by first passing each step. And as stated previously ladies, always pray and always be one with your desires, and the characteristics of your ideal man. If you have not created a list of your ideal traits in a man, do so. Be one with your truth :) Here are the steps: Remember to take it slowwwwwwwwww or learn the hard way in the end. 1) Always be cordial. Be a friend first! Period, without a doubt 2) Leave room for a lot of space and allow that to lead into time on the phone 3) Do Lot's of talking on the phone before spending time together 4) After allowing space,& chatting a bunch, then you can spend time together 5) Once you spend lot's of quality time together,you can then start to date him 6) Once you have been dating for a while, you can then become exclusively dating 7) Once you have been exclusively dating, you can become girlfriend & Boyfriend 8) Once you have a relationship for a while, and you know for sure he is the one and he feels the same, marry him! and in that order!! ;) These steps are made to help and protect you. After going fast for so many years, i realize how precious my time is and you can't get it back once it's gone. Take your time, because time does fly. Men live in the moment,so they are equipped to going fast, but taking it slow is best for you, and any man who wants to rush has something to hide anyway. Notice how every guy that moves extra fast usually ends up being a bum, lol. Don't go fast, you have nothing to rush, oh but taking the time to get to know him can take years and the time spent doing so is worth the pain that you will dodge.

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