Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Should You Take What You Get ?!!?

Man likes you and you like him back. Man says he wants you and you let him have you. Man says, he wants to date you and you begin dating him. but is he what you really want? Is this the ideal guy that you had in mine? Women tend to sort of take what they can get. We date who wants to date us, and we are hooked by whoever hooks us. So should you take what you can get? The answer is , no! Never let a man set the tone for you. You should date the way you want and allow yourself to be had by who you choose. You do the choosing , never be chosen. The guy can think he choose you, but he didn't. Decide what you want, write down your ideal guy , place it in your bible, set the tone, go at your own pace, play hard to get and then choose the guy you want. Never just take what you can get.

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