Sunday, September 2, 2012

When A Guy Says Let's Be Friends

When a guy says, let's be friends, I say, hell, give him what he asked for and put some stank on it, lol. Let's be friends could mean anything. It could mean he's gay, not interested, a player ,keeping his options open, dating someone else or unattracted to you. He may just want something from you.I don't have time for it. Just know you're a dime and no matter what his opinions, actions or his feelings towards you are, you are the dime piece. No matter what, you rock, eff what he thinks! Always like a guy less than he likes you. So if he dislikes you, hate him, lol "
"Never be further ahead emotionally/mentally in any relationship than the guy"
. A man should always like a woman more,so if you're busy worrying about him and obsessing over him, it gives him no time to do that for you. A man must like a woman more than she likes him, period! So when he says, "I see you as a cool friend" and or, "let's be friends", mirror him, and say the same,and trick yourself into believing the same. In fact, repeat his words back to him. Who cares why he said what he said, or what he meant by what he said, who cares! If friendship is what he wants, then bigoly, friendship is what he will get! 2 snaps. 'Men usually want to have their cake and eat it too. Men say things to get a reaction. Men say one thing and do another. Well, just remember this, make sure his words read his actions and his actions match his words. Watch a man's words, and then his actions, see if they comply. If they don't , treat him as a joke. Watch a man's actions and see if they match his words, if not, play like the dumb fox, who can only grasp information , when only, the talk matches the walk. Remember to clear your mind and write your ideal man down on a piece of paper and stick it in your bible or somewhere safe and remind yourself of those attributes. I'm sure, man who wants to be friends and sends mix signals isn't one on your list, ha ha. Remember that. So, he wants to be friends, touche, return the blow of friendliness and KO him! LOL


  1. Nice post. I am in a weird situation, there is this guy . We were friends but then he started flirting and he wanted to be with me i mean he told me. I said no like a hundred times because i wasn''t sure about how i felt and now a year later i told him but he says he just wants to be friends now which totally sucks.

  2. Brilliant! I needed to read this.

  3. This is awesome! I was seeing a guy for a month and then after we had sex he started saying that we should be friends. Of course this hurt my feelings a lot so I asked him if his definition of friends involved sex and he completely ignored the question but then texted me the next day saying that he wanted us to hang out again soon and hoped that I was having a good day. Probably best to shut him out completely.

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