Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Men Secretly Adore Us

Hello, Male Decoded has moved and changed locations. Please refer to my new website at My new blog location will offer more services to my readers. I will no longer write on this site, so please visit new blog site. Follow me @Relationships 1O Let me tell you something about a man! He is too cool for school and he knows it.
Men are so busy trying to maintain their cool calm and collectedness that, they hide their true feelings , in order to conceal them, ohhh but deep inside, they're seething! Just look for the micro signs and read between the hidden lines. Men love us, don't get it twisted. They need and love us. There are always signs. They are too proud to admit it, for the very same reasons I mentioned in my blog yesterday, "power". A man will not reveal his hand and risk the power he has gained. Not never. Men play it cool, to remain in control.

Scenario: I was out with some friends this weekend and one pal brought along a guy friend that she grew up with. He was viciously attracted to me; I could see it in his eyes, not to mention his constant striking of conversation with me. It was so cute! Anywho, he sort of ended up getting on my nerves towards the end of the night, with his playful, immature nature and things went a little sour from there. He brought drinks for me and a friend, and he also shared his food. I ended up saying something to him, playfully and he reacted in a odd way. He went on to call me a Kardashin woman and rude and everything else. We clearly got into it after he stepped out of line. He then went on to say that he really appreciated me allowing him to hang out with me and my friends and that he thought I was cool and that he was attracted to me and blah , blah , blah
So he said all of that to confirm that my " high and mighty" attitude was legit in the first place. Here I was honoring myself and being a lady and he tried to take that away from me by calling me rude , etc only to tell me that he appreciated being in my presence and that he was attracted to me in the end.

Point of the story is this, he only had a problem with my queenliness because he couldn't give it to me himself. Once he saw that he had hurt my feelings, he then went on to tell me how honored he was to have been around me. You see what I mean, men love us! They feel honored to be around us. They like us and they want us. Lets get it right, men need us, just as much as we need them or even more than we need them. Don't be fooled by their cool guy act, they are for us 100%.

Keep your head held high!

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