Saturday, August 3, 2013

Men , Men , Men & And Their Many Excuses

Lets start there!

Men don't have excuses, they make them. In fact, there's a saying that says, " success occurs when you stop making excuses". When a man wants success, he plots and plans, until he can achieve his goal. A man with an excuse is a man that doesn't really want you nor care to meet your needs. Men are naturally equipped to be action oriented. A man with excuses would simply being going against his natural order to be active. Never except a mans excuses because men are programmed to find a way. A man with an excuse is simply communicating that, he doesn't care that much and isn't willing to try and meet your needs. When a man gives an excuse, he's already communicated what he really feels. Don't buy into a mans excuses. Listen, everyone has an excuse from time to time, but there is a clear difference between trying and then delivering an excuse for why you can't do something , verses not trying to make a way and just using a plain ass excuse, to cop out from being responsible

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