Saturday, August 3, 2013

Be All The Way Committed Or All The Way Free!

Listen , why be kind of single? or semi taken?

Forget that, if you're going to be with a guy , be with a man all the way! No insecurities, no commitment questions, no doubts, no cries , just all love 😍😘😍😘

But if you're going to be single , then be just that , single, free 💃🆓 have fun , live!
Don't be sort of dating someone or kind of in a relationship! Forget that, be all the way single or all the way committed.

Which means this:

A) when you are in a committed relationship that man should be all the way in, all feet in , and be totally committed to your relationship. No questions , no doubts , no fear , etc

B) if you are single , be free, easy and breezy! Don't fall for a guy you don't have and do not have a fantasy relationship in your head. Do not wonder why he hasn't called, why he left, why he won't commit nor wonder where his support and chivalry behavior is.
If you want to be taken, make sure you're happy and if you're single , be free and also happy.

Remember, it's best to be single and happy, rather than taken and frustrated!

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