Saturday, August 3, 2013

If A Man Can't Do For You (Ta hell with him)

I say this fiercely but deep down I believe that we should first pray for our blessings.

I go on to say, what purpose does a man serve in your life?! Is he a friend? Homey lover friend? Lover? Supplier? Associate? Acquaintance ? Colleague? Co-worker?! Neighbor? Date? boyfriend? Husband? friend? Facebook friend? Classmate? Or nothing at all? Who is he? And what's his point of departure?

Know the purpose that any man plays in your life. Categorize him now and categorize him fast, otherwise your work will be cut out for you. I say to know what part a man plays in your life, because it will save you a lot of heartache and frustration in the end. =no surprises.

It's also good to know where a man should be placed in your life, for example, in the front row, middle row , or last row. Any man in your life must have something to offer, otherwise he needs to be in the overflow section. If a man is in your life and he cannot do anything for you , if say, you're in a bind, then he needs to go because he serves no purpose. If a man can't do anything for you, then what's his purpose for him having a front row seat! Save that for the worthy guys.
And for all the guys taking a sneak peak at this blog, no , this isn't a gold digger anthem. Men don't keep women around that serve no purpose in their life.
So to that I say, If he can't do anything for you and serves no purpose, he must go>>>> and go now

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