Sunday, October 10, 2010

When a Man is Abusive


You ever notice how many have a natural ability to abuse? Men can be know it alls and chauvinistic, without even knowing it. Is it because us women are stronger these days? Is it because we're not as submissive like the good old days? Is it because men truly feel weak? Or is it a way of man oppressing and trying to keep a gal down? Abuse comes in many forms, rather emotional, physical, psychological, or verbal. I don't know if its the strong will of a woman, but men can be so abusive. Rather he's trying to get you to second guess your self, trying to argue with you, hate on you, play a mind game with you, isolate you, oppress you or verbally abuse you, it's some bull shit and it's wrong!!!! It is a form of abuse. If you listen long enough to a man with those traits, they will tell you why they're behaving this way. They may say something that revolves around being strong, being more "logical", or a woman being too strong. I had an ex- friend once say, "my friends and I don't like women who are on that Black Power stuff". What does that mean? Is it he and his friends that are truly weak and intimidated by a woman's strength? what he means is, a woman should sit back and shut up and not be strong, in other words. That's probably the reason why many movements fail, when a woman isn't involved. Men try so hard to be strong and king, that they may not realize that they are also being abusive in many forms. Oppression of any sort is, wrong!! It is abuse and if someone tries to oppress who you are, no matter what the form is, beware and stand clear. Don't take that!

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