Monday, October 4, 2010

When a Man Cheats

Jerry Springer, you ever waTCH it?

I notice that a lot of times when a man cheats, it's usually within close proximity. Either the person he cheats with lives down the street, works with him, and or it's your cousin or sister. Men will take any opportunity to cheat, especially if he's a dogg. Being in the fact that, doggs are the only one's that cheat. Do not be surprised if you are dating a dog, and he cheats with your friend or cousin, or sister. Besides, if your a woman with scanless friends, don't be surprised if she's willing to lay the pipe. Be careful who you surround yourself around. A scanless man, usually cheats in close proximity. Do not be surprised if he cheats with your friends or family members. They usually will cheat with what's closest to them.

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