Friday, October 29, 2010

Do you know what you want?

When a man wants you, can he actually have you? Not I. Are you desperate for a man but don't know what type of relationship you desire? Do you adjust your life for his needs? and then justify that its what you wanted all along. And last but not least, the whole giving your life up thing, following him and helping him live his. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then no. You don't know what you want. If you know what you want then, no man can just yank you around with his needs and desires. Men usually bore you with all their, "this is what i want and this is what i need convo's" but can you have that same conversation with a man or your friends? I know what i want! Therefore no man can run game on me or trick me up. It takes time, but it's important to get to that level. Take some time and figure out what works best for you! what works for you! Find out what your type is and what floats your boats, because I guarantee if you don't know what you want, i can see many heart breaks in the near future. Research shows that, men are more self involved and concerned with what benefits the self, while women tend to be more concerned with what is best for the group. Please, when it comes to your personal life, you better do what's best for self. I'll tell you again, follow in a man's footsteps, they will lead you the way. In the words of my old home girl, "N$%** will lead you the way, lol. Why do you think men go through life with minimum heart breaks? Why? because they know what they want and they know how to get it. As a man, he has the power to pursue and a woman has the power to accept and or reject. Do not feel guilty , pressured and or obligated to entertain a man that does not fit your standards. A guy i know asked me, do i feel guilty when a guy likes me and I feel no desire to bite back, well should I? I mean, to an extent you want to be nice and not hurt feelings, but does that mean, sale yourself short? Men secretly play off of a woman's guilt of entertaining them, even when she's not interested. Why, because as i stated previously, they don't care how you feel, as long as they're satisfied and pleasured. That's why it takes them centuries to figure out that a problem exist in a relationship. Men think of themselves first, because they know what they like. That's why many men stay married, when a marriage is down the drain, while most women feel dissatisfied, because they don't care. IT'S GOOD TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO THE FULLEST, MAXIMUM.

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