Sunday, October 31, 2010

When a Man Comes on 2 Fast and 2 Strong

Don't you just love this? When he comes on strong and fast, just like a fairy tale. He says all the right things to you on day one, day two, or is it week one or week 2? It makes you feel like love at first sight really exist. He tells you the old famous line, " I've never felt this way before". He talks about relationships, marriage, and that he's looking to settle down. He tells you he's super single. He calls you baby within the first couple of days or weeks of dating. He acts as if you guys are much closer than you really are, what a man, what a mighty good man... lol

Wrong, unless you're irresistible, such as myself, if he's coming on too strong, too fast, it's because he's looking for something.
Maybe he wants some loving (boom, boom, wow) maybe he's buying time, until his dream girl comes along or maybe he's rebounding. Maybe he just wants some affection and just to be in the presence of a woman. Whatever the case is, love does not happen over night. You have to build a sort of rapport with people, so when people are coming on too fast and strong, they're seeking to find something.

Whenever someone comes into your life, and their moving a little too fast and strong, calling you their friend and what not too soon, they will also leave your life the same way they come in, fast. Think about it. You loose em, the way you get em. People that actually take the time to know you and build with you are long lasting.

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