Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Makes A Good Healthy Black Relationship?

A user wants to know what makes a good Health Black Relationship? Here's my view

What makes a Healthy Black Relationship to me that I notice is, when two Black people respect and honor each other, gracefully. When they admire each others will, and adore each other's nature. When both parties don't try and be the chief and when they are both confident individuals, surpassing baggage and issues from childhood, which leads to affecting their current circumstance.

I also notice successful Black relationships, when it's GOD's will and they aren't forcing it where it doesn't fit. When both parties are successful and feel achieved, never hating on one another, only support, helping one another grow, leaving behind the

Last but not least, I think what makes a strong Black Union, is when a brotha is not intimidated by the strength of a sista's. He is not chauvinistic and he is not demeaning to her and he does not make her strength out to be something that should be denounced. Instead, he embraces it because he is confident, he is not narcissistic and he is strong himself. He does not wish for her to be inferior,so that he can feel superior. He knows what it really means to be a man, therefore she yields to his manliness and lets all walls down, because she trust him and she knows that his direction is for her own good and not just to benefit his ego, or narcissistic, GOD complex. She will never disrespect nor emasculate him.

Dig my poetry , lol : That's what i notice, in hEALTHY BLACK RELATIONSHIPS!!

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