Sunday, October 3, 2010

What's up with Older LA Brothas?


Okay what is the deal with older LA men with no cell phones? Is this some sort of new trend, that's wack? I've met three older gentleman, pushing forty or a little under forty, who only had house phones. I mean, is this a sign of a broke man? or some player type ish? Does he have another life? or does he have a wife, & kids? i mean, what's up? It's not the nineties anymore, everyone has a cellular. Unless he's living in the ice age, he's living in a moorish society, or unless he's Amish, i don't see why he only has a house phone. Either he's broke or he likes a chase, and in either case, it's a lost-lost situation. Who has time for games. Usually these types of guys are quick to give you there number, "hey, let me give you my number". It's a numbers game with these guys. I'm not sure what this is all about but I notice a pattern of these guys having something missing about them. They're usually wack as hell, hella corny and old, womanless, or desperate. They give their (house numbers) to fifty thousand women a day, hoping at least one will call. They wouldn't care if it was a female monkey. Stay away from those wack azz men with house phones and no cellular's, they are a waste. They have something to hide, that's why they usually beg women to call them, instead of the other way around. They get rejected a lot! ha ha lol In fact, they target women who may be just desperate enough to call, because then their chances will be higher.

Next time a older gentleman in LA says, "hey, i really like you, and spits one of those love and first sight lines, from a romeo and juliet movie, and asks for you to call him. Tell him HELL NO, "I DON'T CALL MEN, MEN CALL ME" -Chi

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