Sunday, October 3, 2010

Men are know it all"s (Judgemental)

Where do men get off judging and calling you out. It makes you feel self conscious and it's intrusive. If you know what you're talking about, then you don't need my confirmation. Men always seem to define you. " You're this, you're that". They never seem to just let things be and exist. Men feel the need to quickly assess and they do this by testing you, without even realizing that they are intefering with an independent variable, which is behavior. In order to understand behavior, you must allow it to exist as an independent variable. The minute you tamper with behavior, thus causing a sort of reaction in others, then their behavior becomes dependent upon what has made them react. The best thing to do is, just exist, and watch objectively and naturally. Men don't know how to do this. They are so quick to judge and come to some quick decision about you, as if getting to know someone is a freaking driving quest. This isn't driving fella's, you can't just make a quick right or left turn and figure a woman out. It doesn't work that way. For some reason, men hate to admit they're wrong. Patiently waiting to know someone makes them feel dumb. A man that quickly judges, without fully collecting all the data 360 degrees around, can't stand it, it makes him feel lost, so he labels you and categorizes you. The wise man takes his time learning his prey. In fact, he won't irritate you or push your buttons to try and drive you crazy, so that he can supposedly see your true colors, while under stress. He knows this is untrue, so he sits back and just watches. Any educated, wise person understands that, a person does not act in nature when under stress. Do not let a man irritate you, judge you, and then label you as is. "People give so much weight to personality characteristics, and not enough weight to situational variables".

Men really need to relax and take a chill pill and stop judging women so quickly. No, all women are not the same and no, everyone does not belong in a category, and even if women were all the same, it's insulting to assume that right away, anyway. I know I'm not that easy (One of a kind). And NO MEN, YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW THINGS RIGHT AWAY, IN ORDER TO FEEL LIKE A SMART MAN. a wise man knows this!

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