Sunday, October 31, 2010

Men are really Great!

Hey, hey, hey, don't think this is a male bashing blog, because it isn't sistah! I'm a Scorpio, i see things in a clear, balanced way :)
Men are really great, it's a lot of knuckle heads out there, yes, but there's also a ton of wonderful, beatuiful, handsome men out there. I don't know if they're in America, Africa, the Carribean or outerspace, but they do exist! lol

You just have to decode these brothas and learn yourself and your needs in the process. That's all. Men will jerk you around the way they want to, because they know what they want, but don't mistake me, men are great. This blog is simply here to guide you into the different types of men that exist. The average man of these categories. This blog is to help you understand your mistakes and to better understand him, whoever he may be. This blog describes the gamers out there, the men causing confusion, the typical man of these categories.

This blog does not apply to all men, just the men it applies to, lol

" If it don't apply, then let it fly"

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