Sunday, October 10, 2010

Becoming Friends With His Family


When you meet a guy, aweee, the infatuation begins, and then the butterflies. For the desperate woman, these things start when he asks her for her number. How many of us meet a guy, become in awee with him and then suddenly we want to prove our position in his life? We want to prove just how good of a woman we will be to him, right? You may start making him breakfast, lunch, dinner, deserts, doing his laundry, showing extra caring traits, taking on his interests, etc. You may even become sexual with him too soon, if that's all you know. We do these things to prove ourself to that special guy. The way we try and seal the deal, which really puts icing on the cake is, becoming friends with his family, his friends, his frat brothers, and in some cases, his animals. That's the way a woman really thinks she holds power. Yes, having a good relationship with his mother is important, but becoming friends with his family and friends is so out of the question. Pump ya breaks ladies! You are not going to get closer with a man by trying to befriend his friends and family. In fact, most women try that same trick. Yes, it's innocent on your part, but It's funny how he never tries to get close with your family to win you over. I've never heard a guy say, " yea, i was chillin with her mom's and sorority sisters the other day". Yet, women brag about being close with a man's family and friends all the time. A man never wants to involve other people in his relationship. He wants to get to know you. That's why men never try to become cool with your friends and family too soon. It may happen, but not so soon, he takes his time getting to know you first, before going through the trouble. Women try to hard, you don't need the security blanket of his friends and family, in order to seal the deal. If realtionships with the people he is closest to, evolve between you and them, then that's fine, only because it happened naturally. Other than that, don't force it, and don't let him force it upon you. Because men secretly know that women try and pull the close one with their family and friends, they will sometimes try and test you around their friends and or if he has kids, he will test you around the child, to see how you fit. Don't let a man test you. Let him prove his self to you, by all means. Men are use to women trying to prove themselves but that confuses the man from being actively interested and you being receptively interested in him. Always know that a man is the active one, you are the receiver. In the beginning stages, just let it be, sit back, let nature takes it's course and watch and see what he offers.
Remember that song. "Me and You , Your Cousin and Your Mama, Too", that isn't real life ladies, stop trying to befriend his friends and family, to get closer to him. Let nature takes its course and let those things happen naturally. Besides, just because u chop it up with his family and or friends, doesn't mean he's decided on you, for long term. Just because he says he's looking to settle down, doesn't mean it's going to be with you, so take it easy.

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