Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Conscious Brotha


What's up with the conscious brotha's? He's such a warrior, sexy , strong, so charming, intellectual, smart, sensual, culturally in tuned and king like, right? OH yes he is. This brotha can talk your panties off at the drop of a dime, if you're into the gift of gab types. This brotha is all about Black supremacy and will not settle for any conversations that doesn't revolve around that. Everything must be Black, his soap, his bath tub, his toilet paper, his dog and even his name is Blacky. In fact, he sees the world in either, Black or White. There is no grey area with him. He is convinced that he has a purpose and it is to drive people crazy with his Black power talk.There are no simple conversations with this brotha. These types of guys do not play. They don't have a sense of humor and they don't make light of anything. Nothing is simple. They are talkers, not doers. They assume that everybody is lost and they may even talk to you like you are, before realizing who you are. In fact, he finds a way to revolve everything around race. A simple conversation : You say to him: " I went to the store today", his reply: "But did you stick to your roots on the way there". He finds a way to make every conversation relative to racial issues. In fact, nothing exist in his world but that. He doesn't know how to stop and smell the flowers, as they would say. He doesn't engage in things of the world. He doesn't live freely, because in his eyes, this is a White man's world. He needs constant reminders everyday of who he is and where he comes from, to sort of drum up his confidence and desire to be a King. He is not balanced. These men are usually insecure in so many ways, that they have developed a defense that justifies their current situation. They are not metaphysical whatsoever. They also aren't educated. They are self educated. Many of these brothas hang out at college libraries, and public libraries and book stores. They claim to be experts at any and everything. They look at a degree as, Why be educated when, education is set up by a White government? They may even say, Why work? that's the matrix, and it can crash. He may even feel like this, why have ambition? That's why supremacy. These men are very articulate and they play off of words and speak in rituals.You never know if you're talking to them or a lectured video and or a walking computer. They do not have minds of their own, most of their information is regurgitated. Remember, his being revolves around protecting a sort of persona, an alter ego. Not to mention , this brotha has about 25,000 of those. As charming as he may be, he is narcissistic, just as many people who don't know who they are or know how to think on their own, are. This brotha is so determined to make excuses for himself, the stance of his people, that he has totally stepped back into the past, and commands that we should all live the way we once did before being brought to America. The only thing is, the world wasn't as developed then, until slavery, which means, we kind of had to live without many appliances, that we have today. These brotahs forget that, Africa eventually developed into the land that it is today, and yeah, they don't live like villagers everywhere. These brothas act as if, keeping up good hygiene, being ambitious, dressing to the T, having nice teeth, nice hair, and a nice presentation is a form of being Eurocentric. The thing is, it's insulting, because that's like saying we should be like swinging off trees somewhere, scratching our asses. Instead of getting up off their asses and getting a life, and paying homage to their ancestors for inventing almost everything,i.e., the seametress, cotton bin inventors that made this world what it is today, they would rather turn back to the cave man days and make excuses for not living for today. The are rebellious and in many cases, insulting, demeaning and condscending. They believe that they know more, and they expect things to be a certain way. These brothas can also be very angry. They act as if it's the 1960's again and slavery will happen at any given time, so "we better be ready". They can be very delusional. In the conscious world, everyone thinks the same, their is no such thing as individuality. There are no vague conversations about the weather. No, they have a answer for everything, remember, they really believe that they are truly scientists, psychologists, philosophers, and Doctors, why? because they say so, lol. They have delusions of grandeur. They can be so narcissistic that, they may even reduce GOD, the creator. How could you, how disrespectful? They may put color to GOD, instead of leaving GOD colorless. They believe in doing what Whites have done for centuries, by just putting color to it. In the conscious world, everyone speaks the same, and uses the same kinds of words to describe things. All White people are the devil and all Black people are innocent Goddesses. Everything that goes wrong is the White man's fault, because only bad things like getting fired, evicted, car repossessed, etc, can only happen to Black people and no one else. They use this form of grammar to totally control one's thinking and actions. They may ask you for favors or ask you to do things that are inconvenient and or not plausible, and if you refuse, they will blame your Resistance on being hateful towards your race. Remember, anything that holds no racial balance, can be used for tyrannical purposes. Other races do this often. Black power brothas usually stick together. They trade information with their like minded male counterparts and they form a plea, that will blow your mind, no matter what it is. In fact, any small comment can fuse it. I was speaking to one of these types of men the other day and he happened to be flirting with me. When i replied with, "aren't you seeing someone"? he said, i don't want no queen. You would think that means, he doesn't want to see anyone right now. No, he said he would rather have a goddess than a queen, because a queen is too resistant, and will not take that ish. Where as, from his perspective, a goddess is willing to give him the power he seeks to have over her. When i asked him to elaborate, he told me, there was a whole lecture behind it. Most of everything these brotha's know, someone else taught them. He is repeating someone Else's words, so who he is, from day to day, changes often. These brothas also like to go by King. They always have names like, King George, King Solomon, Prince Al, Muhammad, etc. They always have the king in their name. Now how you going have that many kings in one land?
Oh, this brotha can be handsome, but if not, above all, he is charming and sensual. He is not overly sexual and would rather build with a woman, before being sexually involved with her, as GOD intended. He does believe in marriage and the foundation of his family. He is usually king of his household. He is not always harmonious. Remember, he is likely to feel inferior and he's trying to touch basis with his manhood and kingliness, just as his male ancestors once were, before being stripped of this right, owed to them during slavery. In many cases he is still finding himself. In the words of a "conscious" brotha i know, "the conscious rode is a lonely rode". Not to mention, these brotha's are usually players. They love women and they are okay with being vulnerable to them. They may even convince you that, in Africa, it is okay to have more than one wife, so it's okay to have more than one woman here in America to. They may hit on their woman's friends, at the right given time, and or their partners ex women. They don't care. They have created a, peace on earth persona. Therefore entertaining anything that is not "positive", is not advised. They will do things that may not be acceptable at times, believing that it's just spiritual. These brotha's have game, he will run that queen stuff to lure you in, so don't be fooled. He will try to make it seem like you are too independent as a woman and you should give up your crown to a man, who has given you no guarantees. He is a cheater and if he has a cultural connection with you, he is willing to cheat on his wife. He will give all types of excuses of why it's not really cheating. He'll take you on a date and say it's not a date, but a meeting. He will massage your feet and say, he's just healing a friend. He will flirt with you and say it's fine because things aren't going good in his marriage. Conscious brothas are very sensual, and dramatic about it. They will literally wash your feet, like homebody did Jada Picket in, Jason's Lyric.
Conscious brothas usually are broke and have no money, but they will trick you into believing that, the only reason you want to go out anywhere, is because you are living in a Euro centric mind frame. They will literally make you feel stupid. This brotha operates in a very judgmental way, and he takes on a position that, he has the right to validate who you are, your thoughts and feelings. They have many pre conceived notions, and they believe they already know you, because you fit in a category. These brothas actually believe that, sistahs have a hidden agenda, and in many cases, they have been taught not to trust women, because they are just too this or that. If you don't march to his drum, it's a problem. Remember, if he is willing to disrespect and reduce GOD, the almighty creator, then why not you? Remember that, if you refer to GOD as GOD and not Allah, he already has categorized you as worshiping a White Jesus. Therefore he will disrespect your faith, simply by misunderstanding that alone. Black conscious brothas have vocabulary's like they are Webster themselves. Since many of them don't have jobs and they choose to blame the government, yet sit around indirectly use the system, they have lots of time on their hands to read books and dictionaries. They even use words out of context sometimes. I once heard someone say, " I won't give up my avatar". These brothas will also attack your character if they feel that you are a threat to their thought process and alter ego. Know who you are, if you are going to be dealing with this brotha, because these types of brothas are a whole different ball game. In fact, most women dealing with them do not work and are completely under their power. They are repressed individuals, because these men do not accept talkative, strong women into their lives. It's unacceptable. They will not hear of it, therefore they will do whatever it takes to assassinate your character, until you utter and speak like them. Getting a woman to beat to their drum is a confidence boaster for these men. Sometimes they like to light your fire, just to see you go. These brothas wll try and shame you for the gifts you have and them being intimidated by them. They will put your education down, achievements down, etc. They'll say things to you like, "ooh you're a psychologists, a doctor, a philosopher"? " ohh so am I". In other words, they'll out down that your degree is a white man's matrix degree, yet define themselves with the same creditability you actually are an expert in. These people suffer from delusions of granduer. They call themsevles, doctors, experts, scientists, philosophers, yet they have no training, or education to back up the assertion. In fact, i had one Black power guy, who from my experience was very ignorant ask me, " so i see you have a master, so does that mean you mastered the field or do you just have a masters in the field?" lol What! That sounds like a crock of bullshit don't it? In other words, he was basically running a sort of reverse psychology, implying that there's a difference between mastering a field and having a masters in the field... lol You can have both, master a field and have a masters, but you can't master a field without having a masters in any field. As i said before, these men like to believe they are experts in fields because they have checked a few outdated books from the library and listened to a couple of lectures and etc. They can be very condecending towards women, and they believe women should just sit down, shut up, not be strong and pretty much oppressed. These men will run that feminine energy stuff on you, just to get a reaction our of you, don't go for it. Now, conscious single men, are just that, S-I-N-G-L-E by choice. They have so many issues, no woman wants them. I know of a woman who recently moved into a temple with brothas like this. Before she moved, she had a mind of her own, now she's a man in a skirt. She talks like a man, fights like a man, and hates like a man. She even conducts herself like a man. She has completely lost her feminine power. She's lost herself. There is nothing wrong with learing your roots and embracing them, but there is something wrong with cults and operating in a one mind mindset, in order to get there. That's why you must be careful, because with these brotha's, they are simply energy vampires, looking to suck all your energy. Oppression is oppression and it can come in any form. Remember that, a cult is a cult and you don't have to join one, in order to know thy truth about your roots! See the thing is, sometimes they get so obssessed with White supremecy issues that they begin to idiolize their slave masters, without even realizing. You think I'm lying, check out the nation islam and their newest partnership with scientology and newest white members. Farrakahan instigated the death of Malcolm X , due to changing his views against whites, yet condoned them linking up with Whites later in life. Ain't that a bitch, Malcolm X could have lived. Jealousy runneth deep, don't it? The point is, they get so locked into how their slave masters think, that they become addicited to taking everything white and making it black. Isn't that contradictory? There is no white Jesus, hell no! But although the bible states that his skin was bronze, hair of wool, i still don't put color to GOD. I believe people should know about their culture, and yes! I believe in the advancement and awareness of African history. I sure do, but where do these people get off thinking that you should submit yourself to their opinion and believe and think the way they want you to.

Believe GOD! Trust in God first, then yourself, allow no mortal being to validate or invalidate you.
These men expect to be worshiped, don't go for that. Please know who you are, if you are going to be dealing with these types.

All culturally in tuned brothas are not like that, trust!! There are some fantastically great balanced guys out there, who also know their roots and the truth. However, most are like the one's i described in this blog. Beware of energy vampires. It's nothing to play with.

And why does it seem like most brothas apart of this movement are Taurus men! Maybe because they have egos that need stroking lol

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