Monday, November 26, 2012

4 Things To Remember

This is so good, I had to re-post as a reminder. 1) In the words of Ray Jay, "all men have something bad in them, therefore you have to find a good man, who can control those bad charactersitics". Exactly, all men have an angel and devil on each shoulder. Although there are some good men out there, you still have to find the one who can maintain his bad urges. Men aren't designed to be as sensitive, caring, and concerned as women are. That's why you will meet a nice, church guy and then be surprised that he did you this way or that way, or may have reacted this way. Well, no matter how good or how bad the man is. Because men aren't equipped to be as caring, concerned and sensitive to the feelings of others as women seem to be, you must find a man who can control his bad urges and apologize when he can't and never make the same mistakes. 2) The way you start out with him is the way you set the tone from here on out. If he starts out doing this or that, and it works, he will keep doing it. No man stops what he feels is working and changes routines. If you want to train him, train him in the beginning, cause guess what? the beginning stages is what sets the tone for future treatment. If he starts off texting, never calling or just being all about all words and no actions, don't entertain the buster, why? because you're only setting a tone, for the future that will be at your expense. 3) Check his software and never his microsoft words! A man with all talk and no play, has no software in his hard drive. If he's about something, then let it happen and automatically appear on the monitor. Never in history has a monitor worked without being plugged up to the hard drive of the computer. So how the hell should words make up for action now? Never. If he's talking too much, he really ain't talking about nothing. 4) Never let a man run your shoes over and don't run his over either. Men are accustomed to meeting women and judging them quickly and assessing what they feel their behavior is. They will categorize you, have pre concieved notions of how they believe the female gender is and what not. Don't allow him to define you, categorize you or label you. No definition of you started when he met you. You were already defined by GOD's measures before you even knew who he was! Your morals, boundaries and rules don't get altered because Mr. Big shot is this way, or he's that way. No , you never change your rythmm to be with a man. You are who you are and you were who you were before he even came into the picture and that will always be. You worry about yourself, your needs and wants and never lower your standards. You run your own shoes over and let him run his own shoes over. Period!

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