Thursday, November 22, 2012

Listen to What He Complains About

Listen~~ to the sounds deep within~~~ whooa whoa Men like a challenge, read "The Rules", by Ellen Fein. They usually like the woman that gives them a run for their money, even if she's tired. Why not give him his hearts desires. Read the book, "Men Love Abuse" , by Tiona Smalls. Notice how men always have a story about that one woman they loved or fell for, who treated them bad, neglected them and or payed them no mind. Yet, this is the woman he choose. Notice how the things that he complains about with you, are the very same things that keep him coming back for more.Don't listen to his words, look at his actions. Men are always most attracted to what they complain and have their drawers in a knot over. Play the Game. and be the challenge he wishes to see. Be good, but don't be so good that you're easy and you become the girl he's not talking about.

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