Saturday, November 24, 2012

Don't Lose Yourself

Be whole with yourself. Do not operate your life like a half, that needs to be filled with the other half. You are not voided, empty nor without. GOD made you whole. When you meet a man , it should be two wholes coming together as one, not to halves, trying to fill the other half. Continue with your routine and continue with your life. When you meet a man, and if you find that, living your life interferes with his pursuit of you, then you already know that's a red flag telling you that, he was coming to fill a void, instead of embrace you and his own self as a whole. Remember to be one with God and one with yourself. Never, ever let a man come in between your relationship with GOD, nor your relationship with self. Choose a man who is emotionally available. Choose a man who already feels and knows he's a whole. Why? because he's healthier and he is coming to share, build, restore, provide and possibly provide love. He's not looking to fill and or fill someone else's void. He's not looking for a handout. like him but understand that, he is an accessory,not the ingredient. He is the icing on the cake, not the actual ingredients that made the cake. You are honey! When you fill yourself up and understand that you are already whole, no man can make you feel needy, nor dependent of him. If he walks out of your life, your no longer devastated, feeling like something is missing. You will never lose yourself again. Losing yourself means, you lost touch with yourself and got lost in love along the way. Big Danger Zone. Stay alert. Live and love, but don't get consumed by it.The only spirit you should be lost in is, God's. Don't lose yourself and be whole. Signing out.

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