Monday, November 5, 2012

Are You A Rules Girl?

Author of the book, "The Rules", written by, Ellen Fein, discusses the way a woman should conduct herself, in order to win in the game of love. If you want a serious relationship and or marriage, then the rules you must follow. I'll give you a couple 1) Don't meet him halfway. He picks you up no matter how far he lives, or no date at all. 2)Don't ever go dutch on a date. 3) Don't call him and rarely return his calls. 4)Don't expect a man to change and never try and change himNever give in so easily 6)Don't give him special treatment so soon 7)Be easy, be breezy, be aloof 8)Be short and keep it simple 9)Never date nor entertain a bitch, why? because you'll never be able to do the rules with him! 10) Say as little as possible. Let him earn info, little by little. Get the book and find out the rest!

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